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Converge, An Indo-Hungarian Poetry Rendezvous


As a part of their sustained cultural collaboration, the Hungarian Embassy and TGILF had the celebrated Hungarian literature, Mehes Karoly graced the event

While the creative community is slogging classifying creativity under a genre, Converge proved to be the perfect anti-thesis. Presented by Embassy of Hungary, Delhi and The Great Indian Literary Festival, TGILF, it was a melting point of cross-country, cross-linguistic poetic brilliance. The day had thought- provoking and emotional poetry recital in English, Hindi, Hungarian, Bangla and Odiya.

“Regional language is who we are and how we think and express. Ignoring it is suicidal for society.”

Amit Shankar, Writer, Founder-TGILF

The event held at Oxford Bookstores was attended by poets, academicians and students. With well-known poets, AbhaIyenger, Abha Maryada Banerjee, Meenakshi M Singh, Renu Mishra and Gopa Nayak, the audience had a rare opportunity to savour the diverse poetic flavour.

“Literature is one of the most powerful medium to bring countries closer and facilitating aa better understanding of cultures.”

Pál Bódogh-Szabó, Director, Culture, Embassy of Hungary, Delhi

He panellists for the discussion on “Poetry-Bridging culture and countries” had Dolly Singh, Founder, Delhi Poetry Festival, Vineeta Jerath Grover, Founder & Editor SUBURB and Pál Bódogh-Szabó, Director, Culture, Embassy of Hungary.

“Every time I come to India it is like experiencing a new country, a new culture, just like poetry that reveals a new meaning every time you read it.”

Mehes Karoly, Writer, Poet

Amit Shankar, Founder, TGILF announced the future projects of this literary collaboration which includes an Indian-Hungarian short story anthology. The emcee of the event, Shayantani Dutta Sen kept the energies high with her wit and punches as the co-host Nikhil Malhotra was trying to build bridges between different languages for literary quest.

This article was first published in the print version of January 2020 issue.

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