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Making Happiness A Way Of Life!


People seem to have forgotten their natural self- the Happy Self. SUBURB recently organised Happiness Pogramme curated & conducted by internationally acclaimed Happiness Coach, Puneet Rathi.

“There is no path to Happiness: Happiness is the path” – Gautama Buddha

The happiness index of Indians is very low on the graph. Everyday challenges, strenuous life, competition & internal conflicts add up to make a complicated whole. As a result, people get entangled in the negativity and are seen chasing the butterfly of happiness until the end. Sadly, so that Happiness is now taught!

The Happiness Programme was organised by SUBURB bringing in the international coach & author, Puneet Rathi to Gurgaon. The participants were awestruck at the simplicity and experimenting techniques shared by the coach. The event which was far away from the regular workshop was more experiential than theoretical. “Lectures don’t bring happiness, but experiences do,’’ said Puneet Rathi.

The event at Club Patio was attended by highly qualified working professionals, teachers, healers and homemakers was a raving success. All the attendees unmasked themselves, leaving behind their ego, complexities and more to share their journey of life.

The workshop entailed the use of different modules and activities that participants went through and self-analysed their lives- their accomplishments and also areas to strengthen. Without hesitation, they came forward to share their challenges and aspirations. There was warmth, understanding, and a sense of belonging amongst everyone who attended the workshop.

Participants Talk

“The pursuit of happiness begins with a happy you, and it was reaffirmed and revisited at the Happiness Workshop.’’ Chitra Purnapatre, teacher.

‘Happy people radiate warmth and spread good cheer all around.’’ Monica Batra, teacher.

I found the concept of the Happiness Workshop very intriguing. I learnt that self- realisation is very important for the person, and it helped me understand the idea of happiness better. Mita Saha, Sales professional & marathon runner.

I help people to connect with themselves and support them to manage their challenges through our Life & Happiness Programmes. For the parents, we conduct parenting programmes and one-on-one Parent Coaching to help them build positive homes.

“Puneet conducted the workshop very well and shared such eye-opening lessons on happiness. I enjoyed the interactive sessions – Om Punia, a leading Advocate.

“Hearing everyone’s stories makes one realise we are not alone in life’s tough moments. Everyone has their battles to fight, and we should not bow down to challenging times.” Maanya Sahni, College Student.

About the Coach

Founder of the organisation ‘World is Flat’, Puneet Rathi is acclaimed for his exemplary work globally. His organisation is dedicated to helping people and especially the youth, to develop oneself and society with a positive mindset to build a better world through human connect. He has conducted several high-powered workshops across the US, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Amsterdam and more.

“Happiness is a natural state of every human. Ideally, there should not be any programme needed to introduce people to their natural state. However, Happiness Programme is to reaffirm that positivity helps all to transform life from being stressful to happy. The tried and tested tools and techniques when applied in life, begins the journey of happiness,” says Puneet.

“It’s all about re-programming the lost frequency and re-arranging at a higher vibration,’’ believes Vineeta Jerath Grover who co-conducted the workshop along with Puneet. She is also a certified NLP practitioner and a reiki channel.

This event coverage was first published in the print version of January 2020 issue.

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