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Did you know? A new paradigm shift in marriages


An emotionally charged topic, infidelity has long been scrutinised closely, with shifting societal dynamics complicating its understanding. Gleeden, a discreet dating app led by women, conducted a groundbreaking study on India’s evolving attitudes towards marriage, infidelity, and cultural norms.

To delve into these complexities, 1,503 married Indians aged 25 to 50 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities were surveyed. The results shed light on changing perceptions and challenged conventional beliefs about fidelity and love. The study revealed a significant shift in how Indian society perceives relationships. More couples are embracing a new paradigm that allows for flexibility in exploring sexuality, rejecting the traditional confines of monogamy.

Contrary to common assumptions, over 60% of Indians have experimented with non-traditional dating approaches. This reflects the country’s growing acceptance of individuality and personal autonomy, challenging traditional norms and emphasising themes of love and self-expression.

According to Sybil Shiddell, Gleeden’s Country Manager in India, “The Survey provides a captivating glimpse into the intricate landscape of contemporary Indian relationships. It prompts us to reconsider established notions and urges society to acknowledge the evolving nature of love, commitment, and the pursuit of personal fulfilment.”

The top 3 manifestations of Infidelity:

Exploring Beyond Boundaries, Yet Remaining Outside the Conventional Realm of Relationships

The study delves into the nuanced ways infidelity can manifest, focusing on platonic connections involving passionate encounters outside of the established partnership. Interestingly, 46% of men, with regional variations such as 52% in Kolkata, tend to seek out these types of relationships.

Crossing the Line: Where Virtual Connections Encounter Forbidden Temptations

In the digital age, online flirtation has become a prevalent form of infidelity. The report highlights that 36% of women and 35% of men find virtual flirting appealing, with regional disparities such as 35% of respondents from Kochi exhibiting this behaviour.

Fantasising Beyond Boundaries: Dreaming of Alternative Scenarios

It is increasingly common for individuals to have fantasies involving someone other than their partner, which are seen as relatively innocuous. The data reveals that 33% of men and 35% of women openly admit to having such fantasies, with intriguing regional variations such as those between Jaipur (28%) and Ludhiana (37%), offering diverse insights into perspectives on this aspect of infidelity.

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