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Expert Care and Facility for Pets


Do you know how many companion animals there are across India? According to a report by Euromonitor, 2.1 crore dogs and cats were kept as pets in India in 2018.

SUBURB in conversation with Ohhun Kwon, Director PECO APAC INDIA Pvt. Ltd. on company’s India plans.

The headcount has also grown at an average of 11.7 per cent per year since 2013. Although it is not a large number compared to other countries in terms of its population, it is on the same scale as Japan in terms of numbers. And this trend of increasing headcount is expected to continue in times to come.

PECO, State of the art medical pet facility

PECO from Japan came to India in July 2019 to become one of the favourite choices of pet owners in the country. Stated to open between November 2020 – January 2021 in Gurgaon and South Delhi, two multi-speciality, full-service pet hospitals under the name of DCC Animal Hospital is expected to change the landscape of medical facilities currently available for the animals bringing about relief to pet owners and animal lovers.

Ohhun Kwon

PECO India is the extension of a Singapore-based Japanese company. “With the vision to expand veterinary services – ‘anytime, anywhere’, in India, our mission is to provide more and more animals with standardised and advanced medical services under one roof’’ shares Director Ohhun Kwon. 

State of the art hospitals in Delhi & Gurgaon

Sharing more about the India experience during the recce trip, Ohhun Kwon says, “The PECO team first visited India in 2018. Our Journey began with a tour of five cities – Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai – to see wherein India we would be based and what kind of services would be in demand. Our research indicated Delhi & Gurgaon as the most potential market for veterinary services. As we progressed in our market research, we found a proficient team to join our venture. Our partners who already are doing great work- Topdog that runs a boarding facility in Gurgaon, and Dr Vinod Sharma, a renowned veterinary doctor who is also a Limca Book of World Record Holder is a compassionate animal lover. 

We are currently preparing to open two veterinary hospitals in Gurgaon and Delhi. The work at both centres is already in progress. The hospitals shall be equipped with all necessary medical equipment including X-Ray, Lab Machines, Ultrasound scans and more for diagnosis & surgeries. In the architecture of the hospital allows free movement and passage for canines and other smooth delivery of hospital services.’’

In the current scenario, the veterinary industry is one of the legacy industries in the world. The new set of hospitals by PECO aims at fixing stress of the pet owners by putting all details of their pet online, including the appointments, vaccination, prescription diet chart and more. The company boasts of using advanced technology to fix concerns of pet owners.

Research Centre

“We will focus significantly on the research work and education of our veterinarians. We have invited veterinarians from Japan as trainers and developed training programmes along with Dr Vinod Sharma to train the doctors. We are also working with members of our advisory board and world-well known American veterinarian Dr Theresa Fossum to prepare the doctors for the continuous education programme once the hospital opens its door to the public. We as a team are happy to bring advanced veterinary services to India that promises to offer optimal customer experience and standardised services as a value-add,’’ shares excited Ohhun Kwon, the director.

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