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Hey Homie: for Passionate Home Entrepreneurs


The WhatsApp based platform provides an easy and secure way to start business-from-home for home chefs and neighbourhood stores.

Hey Homie, WhatApp Conversational Commerce platform, where both the foodies and the chefs can order or sell food from the comfort of their homes. The Co-Founders – CEO, Anujj Mehta and CTO Sourabh Lodha launched the website successfully onboarding home chefs in December 2021. The platform, created to empower home entrepreneurs of Delhi/NCR, also provides easy, hassle-free and safe access for on-boarding.

Hey Homie, post onboarding homepreneurs (specifically home chefs) on its platform has now unveiled the website for the discerning customers and takes them by storm by allowing them to buy their favourite dishes/food items from their neighbours-turned-homies through the ease of WhatsApp. Hey Homie was started to help home chefs in 2016 and has empowered thousands of homepreneurs ever since. This initiative is now being shaped into a platform as it enables and pushes budding home chefs to make delectable meals using fresh ingredients while being mindful of food hygiene.

The pandemic has reiterated the need for home-cooked food as it is healthy, safe, hygienic and wholesome. Owing to the Covid-scare, people are more conscious about their eating habits and health. Hey Homie, their home chefs (homies)are all set to serve meals prepared straight from the heart as one would make for one’s family.

We are aligned towards the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and glad we could finally bring alive our dream, Hey Homie. Condominium dwellers have been using WhatsApp groups from the pre-pandemic era to buy and sell products. That’s the reason we have gone ahead and taken the step of creating the platform around WhatsApp. We are using the same ecosystem so that our foodie friends and home chefs do not feel outdated in the process of moving to another platform rather opening up a plethora of opportunities for them to expand their business.” said Anujj Mehta, CEO, Hey Homie.

Giving a further push to India’s #vocalforlocal movement, the community-led model, devised to empower Homepreneurs, has onboarded hundreds of sellers offering delicacies such as Tibetan, Nepalese, Marwari Goan, Chettinad and Maharashtrian, to name a few. Hey Homie is already working on expanding its footprints in key cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Jaipur etc. The sellers and home chefs can list home-cooked food, packaged food- perishable and non-perishable, all kinds of beverages, ration, essentials, and groceries, among others. On the other hand, buyers can choose to add to cart products listed on the website, available in their neighbourhood or with a different search criterion; they can even buy from sellers available in other locations/cities with the slightly higher delivery cost added to it.

There can’t be a better time than this to launch Hey Homie. It ticks all the right boxes as people are more health-conscious and on the lookout for safe, hygienic alternatives while ordering food. We are happy to start this with Delhi/NCR but won’t be too long before we tap the Tier 2-3 markets and expand in a big way,” concluded Sourabh Lodha, CTO, Hey Homie.

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