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What does the Tarot hold for you in December?


What the Osho Zen Tarot speaks about us for the month of December 2020? Sujata Malik shares her Tarot card reading with SUBURB.

Aries: 21st March – 20th April

You have a great deal to be thankful for, as this year comes to an end. You have a wonderful family that loves and supports you and many other things. Understand that your family is there for you and show them some gratitude. Be thankful because others have helped you. 
Angelic guidance: Meditate: Be silent and receive messages.

Taurus: 21st April – 21st May

Positive thinking and doing what is right is needed to take care of your health. If you have been facing a serious health problem, you will find the approach very helpful to resolve and ease out your issues. You may also find a healer coming into your life to give you new hope for a healthier future. Embrace them.
Angelic guidance: Bring about healthy changes in your mind, body and soul.

Gemini: 22nd May – 21st June

Make sure you are taking care of yourself in your relationships. Sometimes you think certain things are a normal part of any relationship, but if you are uncomfortable or someone is overstepping their bounds, you have the right to stand up for yourself. Setting boundaries is essential for you.
Angelic guidance: Connect to the masculine energy in you and take your place.

Cancer: 22nd June – 22nd July

Make sure not to lose track of your financial situation as this year comes to a close. You are very busy in other parts of your life, and you may ignore your financial situation. Keep it under control. Mindfulness in this regard will do wonders for improving your financial situation.
Angelic guidance: Juggling of resources is not suggested.

Leo: 23rd July – 22nd August

Someone at work, specifically a woman, will take you under her wings. She is teaching you to bring your emotional awareness to your job. This awareness will guide you in the right direction, especially how to treat others around you. Take her advice. She has great things to teach you.
Angelic guidance: Open your ears and listen; you will be guided.

Virgo: 23rd August – 22nd September

You may feel threatened by the people around you. It may be that they think they know what is better for you than you do or they resent you for something. Whatever it is, do not battle outright. Make sure you are doing what you need to for your own life. You have the correct answers, even if others can’t see that.
Angelic guidance: Trust your path and move on. Do not doubt yourself.

Libra: 23rd September – 22nd October

This is a great time to take a renewed interest in your health. Make new habits by starting small. As you gain momentum, you can make more and more changes. Small steps add up to big improvements in your health. Take the first step, and feel better sooner.
Angelic guidance: Take time out for yourself.

Scorpio: 23rd October – 21st November

You will reconnect with your partner and deepen your relationship. It may be time to move things to the next level, such as engagement or marriage. If you are single, this month will be very fortunate for you. Be prepared to start a new relationship, stay positive and enjoy yourself. Love will find you.
Angelic guidance: Know that you are worthy of being loved.

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 21st December

You have been asking for more, financially speaking, and the universe is finally responding. You will get what you have needed to ease your financial worries. You can relax and enjoy some abundance now. Make sure to plan for your future so that you don’t have to feel financial anxiety again.
Angelic guidance: Be alert and attentive; no procrastination.

Capricorn: 22nd December – 21st January

You will put a lot of effort into your work life, and your efforts are finally getting noticed by the right people. Your best attributes are your attention to organisation and logic, and everyone relies on you. If you are looking for work and put in the necessary effort, you’ll find the job you are looking for.
Angelic guidance: Bring in the balance between professional and personal life.

Aquarius: 21st January – 19th February

Your prosperity is increasing. You feel very blessed when it comes to money. You even can enjoy some of it. While it is important to plan for the future, you can also enjoy yourself in the present. Give to others, and the universe will return the favour. You feel strong and comfortable financially.
Angelic guidance: Offer your resources and serve the needy.

Pisces: 20th February – 20th March

Things seem to be stagnant at work for a bit. It could take a while before the situation improves. Keep working hard and stay patient. Know that by the end of the year, good things will come to you. If you can wait it out, the results will prove to be positive for your career.
Angelic guidance:  Break out of your comfort zone. Face the realities.

Sujata Malik is a seasoned spiritual mentor and therapist with almost two decades of experience in various energy healing modalities including Spiritual Response Therapy, (SRT) Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) Reiki, Osho Zen Tarot readings, Bach Flower Therapy, and more.
Websitewww.ahamm.org. For one on one sessions & guidance, Contact: +91 -9811128979 or write to her at sujatamalik@gmail.com.

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