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I am searching for ‘MY CHAI’


Try this! During the movie interval at PVR, ask for a ‘chai,’ the same Chai that you have grown up drinking. Boiled water, tea leaves little milk and sugar. They don’t have it and they don’t understand it either!  However, what they do have and understand is TEA by the name of Earl Grey, Chamomile, Greensencha, Jasmine under the Hot beverages section for some 205 bucks.  Really!

In this world of San Pallegrino 500 ml water bottle for INR 350, I am searching for ‘thanda paani and ‘garam chai.’  I want to eat vegetable Chowmien, may be not as good as my college canteen’s but Chowmien not Zucchini Noodles.  Momos, not Dimsums.  I don’t want to go on a Keto diet, count my calories with every meal and measure my intake into good carbs and bad carbs.  I am looking for Maska on a Pao not fat-free Almond Butter.

I would rather have old age Haldi Doodh than Latte Turmeric.

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