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Cancer screening camps for the underprivileged by Pure Hearts


Cancer, from the word go, is dreaded. Low awareness and fear psychosis surround the disease; the worst can happen due to a late diagnosis. Regular screenings and medical check-ups can burn a hole in the pocket of the marginal society, making it a community’s responsibility to reach out to them for medical screenings and more.

Pure Hearts, NGO by children for children, identified this gap. Lack of opportunities for the underprivileged bars them from reaching out for their health check-ups, majorly because of financial reasons and lack of awareness. Pure Hearts has kick-started its awareness initiative in association with the Indian Cancer Society(ICS) in Gurugram to prevent cancer.

The free medical camps by Pure Hearts in association with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) have benefitted thousands of domestic helpers, drivers, staff, and people in various condominiums, schools and Bastis in Gurgaon. These camps provide free healthcare support to those who can’t prioritise their medical check-ups due to either time or financial constraints; and are conducted as a preventive step to help people attend to their health issues, if any, which they may not be aware of. “Over 2,000 bhaiyas and didis benefited from these camps at Ireo Uptown, DLF Park Place, M3M Golf Estate, Ireo Presidia, Ireo Victory Valley, Nirvana Country, DLF Aralias, DLF Magnolias, Kunskapsskolan, Hibiscus Condominium, Samaspur Village, Tigra Village, Dundahera, said Shalu Johar Sahani, President Volunteer of the NGO.

“It’s a community, Seva. We are lucky to have some amazing Samaritans in Gurugram who come forward to give their time and Seva to the cause. In the past few months that we have been holding the camps in condominiums, we find that the domestic staff, including maids, drivers and guards, no more shirk getting a medical examination and check-ups done; rather, they have shown keep interest. It’s a heartening change to see them aware of their health and to give it a priority as well,” said Nivedita Rathore, a volunteer of the NGO. Financial crunch and lack of places for them to go for efficient medical examinations remain challenging. These NGOs and the Indian Cancer Society are pitching in to fill the cracks.

Complete Medical Examination

Medical check-ups include whole body screening of vitals such as blood analysis, sugar, chest X-rays, ENT and oral examination, comprehensive gynaecological examination, pap smear tests & Mammogram, and prostate and breast check-ups. In addition, awareness and counselling workshops conducted encourage healthy eating and self-examinations. Each examinee is given their medical reports in person and with the support of RWAs; any further investigation is supported by Pure Hearts, as necessary. “It is a constant endeavour to complete this full circle of responsibility and treatment and provide appropriate healthcare and medical solutions for the cases that come to light,” said the NGO volunteer.

Compassionate handholding by companies individuals adds a touch of warmth and to these medical camps; many volunteers like Sodhi Supermarkets RWAs come forward to provide fresh packed meals for the medical teams and healthy snacks for the examinees. 

Self-Care, a priority

Mentioning a recent incident, Shalu said, ” a medical camp organised at the DLF Park Place exemplifies the spirit of unadulterated desire to give back to the community. The real spirit of dedication and service behind these camps is reflected by the fact that despite heavy rains that day and for the previous three days, the city was paralysed by severe water clogging, and the volunteers and the attendees showed up. Nothing could deter the relentless Seva. Pure Hearts volunteers and Indian Cancer Society staff were present on the ground for the camp, showing their utter dedication and commitment to improving the health of the needy and making a difference in their lives. This certainly was an inspiring moment. Words fall short of expressing the spirit of the domestic workers that came for their check-ups braving the weather. It simply shows that they are concerned about their health.” The NGO does two camps a week and feels encouraged by the response from the condominiums and RWAs for organising free medical check-up camps and screenings.

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