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Children Join Hands to SAVE SOIL


The NGO, Pure Hearts has joined hands with the Save Soil movement to make a strong appeal for the intended use and replenishment of this most vital natural resource.

The soil sustains us and profoundly affects our health and well-being. However, the topsoil is being eroded at an alarming rate making the other soil layers deficient in minerals. To address the critical issues and create a strong appeal, Pure Hearts joins the Isha Foundation in the worldwide movement of Conscious Planet to #SaveSoil.

Scientists believe that desertification of agricultural soil has reached deplorable levels, and the world over, by 2045, food production will drop to 60 per cent of what it is currently. The population would have increased from 7.6 billion to 9.3 billion. International organisations like UNCCD, UN FAO and governments concede the same. Scientists believe that there will be looting, rioting, and civil wars worldwide due to such a massive food shortage globally. However, if the proper steps are taken now, we can make a turnaround all over the world in 20-25 years.

The children of Pure Hearts and several eminent personalities came together to raise awareness about the important cause. Children used various modalities to get the point across on Save Soil. The Kathak dancer Jayshree Acharya and her troupe enthralled the audience with their performance.

Singer Niladri Chakravarty’s from YAM appealed to the cause through her melodious singing. Artist Aparna Banerjee used her art to raise awareness, and many enthusiastic youngsters joined her. Sameera Satija (Founder, Crockery Bank) spoke about easy ways to compost at home, and an insightful talk by Ms Poornima Savargaonkar to replenish the soil made the evening enjoyable. The children of Hamara Gurukul from the slums of Gurugram and the children of Pure Hearts performed a lively Nukkad Natak that captivated the audience and crisply got the message across to the audience; the time is now to make a difference they appealed.

Save Soil

“Around the world, the soil is drying, with about 52 per cent of agricultural soil already degraded. We’re not only poisoning it with agricultural chemicals but losing topsoil through erosion as ground cover is getting destroyed,” explains Paramjit Narang, senior academician and now a volunteer with the movement to raise awareness. While less food can be grown in degraded soil and the micronutrients in food decline, human populations continue to explode. We are not only threatening human life but all other life on the planet.

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