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Your Tarot reading for December 2021


Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For a one-on-one session, contact: 9811128979.

 Here is the month for you…

Aries (21st March – 20th April):  The need for power and control will be deteriorating for you. Work on connecting to your innermost strength, which will help you move from the ego space to the heart space. Spread love and compassion in all your actions. Message from angels: Drop the need to control and broaden your perspective.

Taurus (21st April-21st May): Your youthful energy is in full bloom as the year ends; use your strength and experience to face every act in your life. You will meet a friend or a partner who is deeply connected in every way to you. Enjoy the company. Message from angels: There is a divine presence around you. Embrace it fully.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June): Stop listening to the voices in your head and shift all your focus to connecting to mother earth, grounding and anchoring you. Your potential is immense turn inwards, trusting yourself and moving to higher avenues. Message from angels: Trust in your inner abilities.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July): You are feeling the intensity of the energies around you as the universe is urging you to rise ahead with full force. Do not let anything stop you at this time. Message from angels: Open yourself and receive the abundant message from the universe.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August): It may seem that there is an earthquake or volcano in and around you, but you need to turn to the silence within. Chant, meditate, pray and get comfortable with your silence. Message from angels: You will be guided to the right opportunity with the least effort.

Virgo (23rd August-22nd September): Success follows you in every step that you choose this month. Breakthrough all the voices of conditioning and lead on with the victory torch. Message from angels: Remember to remain grounded as you reach incredible heights.

Libra (23rd September -22nd October): The year-end could bring in exhaustion and illness. You may need to stay indoors and look after your health. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and express them so that you can deal with them. Message from angels: Share your virtues and your positive attitude.

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November): A new energy dawns upon you as this year comes to an end. You will feel an awakening, a new awareness coming in and a significant expansion in your consciousness. Enjoy this energy and allow it to lead you ahead. Message from angels: Pick up all opportunities of growth and progress as they are now opening for you.

Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December): A month of immense activity and action, there will be breakthroughs in relationships, career and health front. Drop conditioned thoughts from the past. Choose to move ahead. Message from the angels: You can deal with all that that comes your way. Trust your intuition.

Capricorn (22nd December-21st January): Abundance flows in all the areas of your life, and you fully deserve to receive it. Your hard work and abilities allow you to now stand up and receive. Receive with grace. Message from angels: You are a blessed child of the universe and fully receive the angels’ blessings.

Aquarius (21st January-19th February): Your mind makes you feel threatened and tells you to be on guard all the time. Listen to your heart, be vigilant and move with awareness. Do not hold your fears within. They are all illusions. Message from angels: You are fully protected by the universe.

Pisces (20th February-20th March): It is a time to honour and be in gratitude for the growth that you have been experiencing in the past. Your maturity and confidence will make you win overall situations and challenges this month. Message from angels: Live more in the reality of the present and drop all projections.

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