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Mahendra Singh Dhoni & PMEDS-India launch PreVid – a unique nutraceutical formulation for boosting immunity


PMEDS-India, a subsidiary of PMEDS-US has launched PreVid in association with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Available in three different flavours, PreVID is a 100% vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free product.

PreEmptive Meds (PMEDS), a research-driven Over-The-Counter Therapeutics Company focused on pre-emptive care, has recently unveiled PreVID – a proprietary nutraceutical formulation developed by doctors to power up immunity in individuals who are at risk of Viral Infectious Diseases. Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a stake in PreEmptive Meds, the Indian subsidiary of PMEDS.

Immunity Booster

A uniquely formulated nutraceutical delivering a burst of immuno-nutrients, PreVid is a 100% vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free product. It is completely developed and manufactured in India, suitable for anyone to consume over the age of eight. The fight against COVID-19 has proven that building a stronger immunity was the best response to win the battle against this (or any) virus.

As people age, they develop a weaker immune response against newer infectious diseases. The rapid absorption technology of PreVID powers the daily absorption of immuno-nutrients to support an adaptive immune system, especially for people who are at higher risk because of age and those who have more chances of exposure.

Unveiling PreVID in India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said “I believe in the process. I am associated with PMEDS because of their focus and deliberate processes in bringing a product to the market. My family and I have been using PreVID for the past few months. I am a firm believer that it is our responsibility to empower our bodies, and PMEDS’ range of bioactive products with medicinal foods helps us do that by supporting our body’s innate ability to heal and fight diseases. It is exciting to watch a growing trend in food-based medicine.”

PreVID has been developed by doctors based on widely published clinical evidence showing specific immunomodulatory and virucidal properties. PreEmptive Meds Pvt. Ltd has employed advanced sub-micron technology in addition to emulsification of organic curcumin and synthetically sourced Zinc, Vitamin C & D to formulate this product. A combination of precise and advanced food-science technologies ensures maximum potency and accelerated absorption.

 “Indians have long taken to home remedies to fight viruses and build immunity. There is a huge opportunity to create an organized alternative to immunity building. PreVID is a high-science, evidence-based product that stands apart and provides much-needed micro-nutrient nourishment to our body’s first line of defence, i.e., our own immune system”, said Dr. Joe Fenn, Founder, PMEDS.

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