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Research confirms benefits of Onco-Nutrition on cancer patients


Love Heals Cancer and ZenOnco.io are dedicated to bridging the gap in Onco-Nutrition access, aiming to support 100,000 cancer patients with nutritional guidance. Their protocols have positively impacted 200,000 patients, significantly enhancing their quality of life, managing side effects, and increasing chances of cure.

A recent study at the Indian Cancer Congress 2023 highlighted remarkable improvements: 71% experienced a 50% increase in quality-of-life scores, 68% reported enhanced pain management, and 65% saw reduced fatigue. This initiative seeks to extend these impactful benefits to even more patients.

To broaden the reach of integrative oncology services, Love Heals Cancer and ZenOnco.io actively collaborate with a diverse network of healthcare partners, including doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and corporate entities. This collaborative effort is vital in advancing their mission of providing integrative care to cancer patients across diverse settings.

Dimple Parmar, founder of ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer, emphasises, “This World Cancer Day, as we focus on the theme ‘Close the Care Gap,’ our free on-nutrition consultations aim to fill a crucial gap in cancer care. We recognise the multifaceted nature of cancer treatment and are dedicated to addressing the often overlooked, yet vital, aspect of nutrition in patient care.”

Kishan Shah, founder of ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer, adds, “Our ongoing collection of patient data has shown significant improvements in the quality of life for those following our integrative oncology protocols. We’re committed to extending these benefits to more patients, enhancing their quality of life through our comprehensive program.”

ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer collaborate to address the challenges in cancer care in India. Love Heals Cancer, a Section 80G-registered NGO founded by caregivers Dimple and Kishan, focuses on supporting cancer patients. Their holistic approach combines integrative treatments with medical care, enhancing patients’ nutritional, psychological, and physical well-being.

In India, where 6 million people are diagnosed with cancer, with over 70% at an advanced stage, the mortality rate is high due to limited healthcare access and insufficient insurance coverage. Integrative oncology, particularly Onco-Nutrition, has shown promising results in improving survival rates. However, challenges in accessing Onco-Nutrition persist, underscoring the importance of its broader integration into oncology care to enhance prevention, timely intervention, and overall outcomes.

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