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Organisation’s Agility and Skill Sets to Lead in Covid Scenario


In the current business and work environment that demand a reshuffling of growth strategies, hiring Interim Skills that Count, will count.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns across the globe have thrown work systems out of gear, forcing organizations to adopt special strategies for sustenance. It seems fairly certain that the current downturn is fundamentally different from various recessions we have seen in the past.

Revamped Business Models

This is not just another turn of the business cycle, but a major shakeup of the world economic order. While countries and companies continue to comprehend the scale and impact of this pandemic, it is certainly undeniable that we are staring at more permanent, structural changes to the way we live, work and play.

The need to be fast, focused and flexible has never been stronger, as echoed in the extract from the KPMG April 2020 report on the potential impact of Covid-19, on the Indian economy.

One if the biggest lessons, amongst others, is the need for reducing overall business costs. Converting fixed costs to variable costs, businesses will now determine what they must keep in house and explore outsourcing, the rest. Also the pandemic is forcing companies to take quick actions in absence of perfect data while remaining customer centric.

Skill Sets To Take Centre Stage

As business conditions change at great and unpredictable speeds, the #1 skill trait that will define leaders, today, is the agility with which they are able to leverage the constantly shifting business landscape to create an economically and socially viable path.

Additionally, the importance of reducing overall business costs cannot be over emphasized. One significant way to accomplish this is to convert fixed costs to variable costs, wherever feasible. Since 2012 Interim Management Solutions has successfully established itself as a pioneer in providing significant number of flexymanagers to support Corporates.

Flexy Manager – Helps You With The Right Resource Pool

Flexy Manager highly experienced Interim Managers are available at short notice for fixed durations, and can give organisations the intellectual sharpness to think and draw conclusions nimbly, and the power to move quickly, while remaining customer-centric, and reinforcing stable team dynamics.

Most importantly, they also come with a cost advantage as these professionals can be engaged on flexible time basis. For instance, businesses could now determine which ‘expensive’ managerial talent they must keep in-house and explore outsourcing the rest so that the fixed costs can be lowered.

Many businesses have long been familiar with the concept of engaging an interim front-line workforce. However, it is in these times of disruption and change, that Interim Managers in leadership roles can add value by quickly driving business transformation.

Today, the concept of ‘flexy managers’ has moved centre stage. Organizations across the globe are adopting the idea of a Blended Workforce. A ‘flexible’ new age way of working where organisations have a small core team (the decision-makers) that remains constant, blended with a pool of temporary, part-time or ‘flexible’ Interim Managers, giving organisations the flexibility to hire or let-go off employees, depending on specific requirements and business fluctuations.

Now is the time for the organisations to open their mind and step out of established procedures. It’s time to think about what can be done differently, while keeping sight of “what is good for business”.

Agile thinking and timely action will help capitalize on the crisis situation, converting it into an opportunity.

About the Author: Vijay Kumar is a leading expert in Talent Management, Culture Building, Leadership Interventions and Interim Management. His firm Flexy Managers supports organizations to bridge their short-term talent gap by engaging highly skilled senior & mid-level Interim Managers to gain maximum growth.

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