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Asia’s Largest Kizomba Dance Festival in Gurugram


Asia’s biggest Kizomba Dance festival, Muxima Kizomba Festival 4th Edition, will be hosted by Muxima India and Casa Kizomba, which will showcase 50 plus national and international artists and DJs coming from all over the world including Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Angola, Portugal, Singapore, Dubai and more.

The grand dancing carnival will be held between 14-16 October 2022 at Lemon Tree Hotels, Sector 60, Gurugram. The central theme of the dance festival is Kizomba, a music and dance genre that originated in Angola and is now widely gathering momentum throughout the world’s dancing community. As Kizomba is primarily a partner dance, the dance festival will also inculcate other Afro-House (a type of hip-hop) music and dances to attract a wider audience.

The high-end event is expected to bring together well-known dance and choreography industry figures and 400+ festival participants, mainly from Delhi/NCR and many other Indian cities. The event has also received registrations from Spain, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, and other countries. Additionally, besides the physical outreach, Muxima Kizomba Festival and its artists have multiple social media channels with a combined fan base of millions of dance enthusiasts worldwide.

“While many good Afro-Latin dance festivals are happening in Delhi and around the country, unfortunately, no festival is dedicated to Kizomba. We live in a world where social dance is a bit restricted or outright forbidden. But before we end up where we are now, the organisers based in India & Spain are united in their vision to bring the rich experience of Kizomba to the dance aspirants of Delhi and India. As the word “Kizomba” literally means “celebration” or “party” in Kimbundu, a Bantu language, we also are motivated to bring joy and happiness on the dance floor,” said Navi Gaur, Organizer, Muxima Kizomba Festival

Besides four nights of party carnivals and celebration of multiple dance forms, participants will get a unique opportunity to participate in a myriad of 45-plus hours of workshops, masterclasses and boot camps conducted by around 20 dance legends. 

Muxima Kizomba Festival has collaborated with major Kizomba festivals across the globe, including Paris Kizomba Congress (November 2022), Barcelona (November 2022), and the Kwanza Kizomba Congress, Prague (February 2023).

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