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A Theatre Treat for Gurugram


‘Ekk Parchhaayi’, a devised play, staged on 29th December 2021 enthralled the theatre aficionados in Gurugram offering a much-needed cultural high as the year came to an end.

“Theatre is not just a stage production, but a journey within.” This statement will resonate with all those who love being a part of theatre or watching theatre. The magic of witnessing art unfolding live on stage is unparalleled. For artists, performing in front of a live audience is truly being present in the moment.

In recent times, the Gurugram cultural scene, has been missing action and there has been a dearth of plays or theatre shows that have in the past seen immense popularity among the city dwellers. To fill this void, ‘Ekk Parchhaayi’, a devised play, staged on 29th December 2021 at Excelsior American School was brought to the cultural scene of Gurgaon by Wisdom Curators, a growing Facebook community of knowledge seekers and sharers, in association with Ekk Junoon.

Anamika Gautam the director of the play, trained 10 adult professionals from various fields and walks of life for their first stage production and put across the play.  The artists were all first timers and pursuing their theatrical aspirations and passion. The play was centred around a murder mystery and was well received by the audience.

Theatre Therapy

The benefits and magic that surround Theatre cannot be denied. Apart from allowing the stage performers to be in the limelight, it helps one to delve into the deeper recesses of the self for better understanding. It not only improves the art of self-expression, tenacity, collaboration and creativity, but at a deeper level is meditative and the increased self-awareness helps improve one’s emotional intelligence. 

Keeping the above aim in mind, Wisdom Curators that works tirelessly in the space of wellness – body, mind and soul, initiated its theatre program #ExpresShow in collaboration with Anamika of Ekk Junoon to bring to Gurugram a much needed dose of culture and art in the shape of ‘Ekk Parchhayi’.

“If one is willing to be a beginner, willing to make multiple attempts at learning something new and is driven by passion, then the possibilities are limitless. The super success of the show has left the performers excited and motivated for more such productions. This theatrical journey of the first time performers has been beautiful. What started with a demo workshop in mid-November culminated with a beautiful presentation, well received by the audience. The journey into self, observations of co-actors, building rapport bond and team spirit has been most fulfilling and self-satisfying,” said Anamika..

Wisdom Curators – Setting the Stage for excellence

As a growing group of profound thinkers and individuals who challenge conventional wisdom, Wisdom Curators founded by Pragati Negi Noronha & Surabhi Joshi – provides a unique forum for discussion on a wide range of topics. Through powerful speeches, conversations, contests, events this endeavor cultivates a community of specialists and seekers in the field of knowledge through learning engagement.

The key takeaway of these programs revolves around emotional stability, the ability to conquer success, and wellness of mind to a large extent as achieved through this theatre play. Ekk Parchhaayi’ was their first stage production and it received much appreciation from the audiences. Gratitude to all our Sponsors – Derm Ease, Anuti Jewels, Spicygrains, NLP Authority, Suburb – our media partner

Audience Speaks

“The story line as well as the performance was gripping”

“Considering that it was a show by first timers, the was no glitch or hesitation on the part of the actors.”

“The topic was so real and relevant “

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  1. Mukesh Kumar says

    It was a great initiative taken by Anamika in asociation Wisdom Curators. I was part this play and I enjoyed, learnt alot and open to have more future opportunities.

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