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In today’s times of fast and busy life, a person’s health is the biggest causality. Why so? With the exciting professional life that gives the opportunity to explore newer verticals that people are engrossed in, many times they tend to compromise on their health

Eating at no proper time and most importantly not eating right can have a severe effect on one’s health. And this gets worse if you are conscious about piling on that extra weight. This is when people resort to fad diets and quack medicines, taking things from bad to worse. But, if you know of all these associated problems and looking for a solution, half the battle is won. The market in Gurgaon seems pretty good. It’s a home to professionals who are very health conscious and focussed on their health goals and needs.

Experts in the food industry point that the corporate in Gurgaon are willing to invest a fair amount in their health, especially tailor-made nutrition. The corporate clients are well receiving to this structure because of its stress-free model for them. They are outsourcing their stress of getting something they want to but don’t have the time and bandwidth to execute.

I leave home at 7 am after having my breakfast and sometimes if there is time, I pack my lunch else have to manage it outside. On most day’s I get late because of the meetings and this leads to again eating something out. So, in a week, I eat out almost 4 -5 times, which is slightly on the higher side and is unhealthy leading to some health issues. Even if I have to get on to diet, getting the diet food sorted is a task,” says Narmada Jain, an advertising professional. This is just one example. There are many such people working in the corporate segment who are seeking healthier options.

Custom-made diets as opposed to the regular Dabba service

It’s a very simple concept- generic Dabba services don’t personalize according to an individual’s diet plan and many times there is no surety about the nutrition aspect that goes into it. On the other hand, custom-based diets work into great details with respect to nutrition, many look at the sustainable angle too by making it tasty.

“For any diet plan to work it needs to be followed consistently on an everyday basis. The second filter is that this diet plan needs to be exactly in accordance with a person’s body (his weight, height, metabolism and other related factors) and at the end of it all, these meals have to be tasty in order for the client to be motivated enough to follow and, this is exactly what Food Darzee does for the client. Each client gets exactly what he needs and what he wants to achieve his health goal in the most optimized manner possible,” says Dr Siddhant Bhargava, Co-Founder, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist- Food Darzee.

How does tailor-made diet work? Are these cost-effective?

Every individual is built differently. Apart from age, height and weight, factors like metabolic rate and BMI play an important role in how your body reacts to different things. A generic diet that works for person A might not work for person B. Every person must have a tailor-made diet that suits their body requirements. What is meant by a tailor-made diet is if person A needs more fats and person B requires fewer fats, then the diet is curated according to their requirement. A tailor-made diet fulfils your specific body requirements.

“As far as the cost is concerned; it is reasonable. We charge around Rs.200 per meal which is curated by the nutritionist and delivered to your doorstep. Along with Gurgaon, we are also catering to the Delhi market which is upscale and have the spending power to afford such a product,” concludes Bhargava.

This article was first published in the Print version of SUBURB April 2019 issue.

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