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Energise Home Studying For Your Child


There is no substitute for hard work in life while pursuing your education. But with some enhanced educational luck, you may find it easier to understand your subjects and focus better says the Vaastu and Fengshui expert Raman Datta.

There are some children who feel tired and are not able to focus. This could be the result of the incorrect location and direction of the room or their study table. Vaastu & Feng Shui adjustments would start with the flow of the positive energy into the child’s room and you can notice the changes beyond your imagination.  The best way to do this is to introduce some of the following features in your child’s room. Here they go:

  • In north-east place a small portraits of Ganesh & Saraswati or may be any other God in whom you believe in, this will help in building concentration and confidence.

  • Crystals are believed to have a tremendous retentive capacity and memory power, place them on the northeast corner of the study table if possible underneath a table lamp to activate the energies of the element of the northeast.

  • Place some artwork, trophies, certificates in the Fame Area or in the East as it is important especially for parents to let their child know that they are proud of his or her achievements.

  • The cowrie (coin) shell, when placed in the northeast, creates excellent education luck.

  •  If the child is having difficulty studying, check if the wisdom area is cluttered. Clean it out, perhaps by adding a bookcase to keep books. Brighten up the area; put some colourful picture for impact. Study habit will improve.

  •  The child should not sit under the beam, avoid facing the wall directly while studying and also the door at the back causes insecurity and instability.

  •  The headboard of the bed should be firmly up against the wall. Avoid any shelf over the bed, as it makes the child feel vulnerable and worry subconsciously that something will fall on the head while asleep.

  • Keep a globe in the Knowledge area for healthy social and academic development and supporting his or her school achievements.
  •  Students looking for financial assistance and scholarship should hang a seven-rod wind chime in the west window of their room.

  •  Make sure that your child is not sitting with their back against the door if this is the only way of arranging their room then place a strip of the mirror so that child can see the door behind them.

  •  Hate getting up in the morning? Suggested to keep the bed, so that it faces the east or put a mirror across the east facing window so that the morning sun will encourage the child to rise.

  •  Try to make your child sleep with the head towards one of your four best directions as determined by your Kua number especially your Sheng Chi ( success ) direction.

  •  It is very important that there be no mirror directly visible from the bed. If there is please cover it with cloth or remove it from there.

  • To avoid shadow on the writing surface the main source of light on the study table should be opposite to your writing hand.

  • The bed direction can affect all sorts of things including prosperity, career, relationship, marriage luck and happiness.

About  The Author: Raman Datta is a Fengshui and Vastu expert with over two decades of experience.            

This article was first published in the print version of SUBURB February 2019 issue.

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