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Sarvan, a Civil Defence volunteer from Gurugram loses his life in an accident yesterday


Sarvan, a Gurugram resident and a volunteer at the Civil Defence Team in Gurugram has left behind a void with his tragic & untimely demise in an accident. He was a front runner in the team of volunteers since the lockdown began. He relentlessly worked, not shying away from going inside the dense slums to distribute ration and cooked food. His untimely death is an exemplary example of life well-lived, leaving inspiration behind for his team workers.

Sarvan hailed from a humble background who lost his father early leaving behind loans for him to clear. “He since the beginning, was a conscientious worker and very sensitive towards the need for the underprivileged,” says Mohit Sharma, Chief Warden of the Civil Defence Team, Gurugram.  

A Selfless Volunteer

“From Day one he was part of our team and actively handled field distribution of ration and cooked food,” says Manish Yadav, Deputy Controller, Civil Defence. “He would readily agree to visit slums where even some other volunteers would hesitate to go out of fear of the pandemic. But Sarvan was fearless and dedicated to the well-being of every resident in the city. Even at 2 am if he would have been called for some emergency relief operation, he would have showed up.”

One recent heartwarming incident is where Sarvan became aware of two widows who were urgently seeking help. Though the case was already under verification, he helped the women out of his pocket before official aid could reach them. Out of his modest means, he donated ten thousand rupees for relief work and would render his services in whichever capability he could be it distribution of food or in loading & unloading of ration. An honest, straightforward and shy person, he was engaged in the business of construction.

Sarvan’s mother says, “He lived for the family and in the last few weeks for the people of Gurugram. “His demise in a tragic accident has left the whole Civil Defence Team in shock and sadness,” says Manish. 

The Civil Defence team and other volunteers are getting together to arrange for some ongoing financial aid for his mother. If you wish to contribute towards this cause, you can donate through Paytm on 9999032999 or Google Pay on 9990509927.

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