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Which Is Your Nakshatra Tree?


She is an astrologer, people go to her to know their future, discuss their problems and seek solutions. Prama Chopra, says, “Apart from predictions a major part of astrology relates to remedies.” She shares her insight on Tree Worship, back in the day remedy for problem solving and its relevance in today’s times.

In today’s astrology, the one which is followed by masses is only a segment of Birth Astrology. People go to consult an astrologer and follow difficult rituals,ceremonies and spend lot of money in buying snake oil, more of such things which are difficult to procure and expensive too.

Whereas simple remedy of tree worship is easily ignored as it may not have that much commercial profit as the other remedies like gems, assigned Pujas and complex rituals may have some direct or indirect benefit to the advisor.

What do scriptures say?

The ancient text Narad Puran (6th century compilation) describes astrology along with Vedanga, where association of trees from Vedic deities who govern zodiac and Nakshatra is established. It is believed that the origin of trees, plants and roots is from Lord Brahma’s hair and hence very essential to existence of life not just mankind.

The plants and trees which were inherently safeguarded in ancient times were regarded as Gods & Goddesses and sighted as Lord Shiva’s Rudra Swaroop, where he consumed poison and distributed nectar. The same connotation is for the green belt, plants give out oxygen after utilizing and absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment.

The Vedic Jyotish believes that by worshipping a particular tree/plant according to their birth Nakshatra, people could get free from economic, health or social problems. Watering the particular plant, circumbating around it a few times in reverence, these rituals apart from their astrological benefits greatly helped the person mentally and emotionally as well as widely protected the green belt in ancient times. By virtue of these beliefs, protection of trees and ecosystem were assured for the coming ages.

Nakshatra & Zodiac

Astrology in Hindu households plays a very important part in day to day life. The new age households may not openly accept the relevance of their trust in astrology, but the reality lies in the closed doors and family traditions.

The celestial spare of 360°divided in 12 parts is zodiac or the 12 Rashis as we know. In our Vedic system, a further calibration is given which is commonly known as Nakshatra. 360°/27. Each Nakshatra has one ruling or exalting Devta.

Nakshatrais is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth and accordingly a particular type of plant is associated with it. Here is a brief list of plants according to Nakshatra.

This feature was first published in the print version of SUBURB August 2019 issue.

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