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Why Image Management?


“How do I empower myself? How to not make people take me for granted?’’ These are some common concerns that people are seeking answers for. Here image management consultants fill the gap- to upgrade soft skills and give a facelift to the persona of a person.

Image management is not just about the looks, but it’s about overall personality, much beyond the right clothes and the right makeup. “It’s about …more,” explains Nidhi Jagtiani, an image management consultant in Gurgaon.

The most common complaint from people is, “How do I look good with all this weight?” This complaint is prevalent among women post-pregnancy as many women suffer from postpartum depression because of a sudden weight gain. “In most cases, these women require counselling along with image consultation.’’ Even before these women start with their fitness regime to lose weight which is a long process, the consultants help them to select the right kind of clothing to make them look slimmer.

For women entrepreneurs

Gurgaon is a city of women entrepreneurs and most are doing reasonably well at work. The flip side is that apart from being well networked, “these women are insecure due to fierce competition. Many of them need image makeover, to break the image of a homemaker and re-position themselves as entrepreneurs. As consultants, we do a complete makeover for them- soft skills training, confidence building, physical grooming, including dress code and conversational skills.

Image consultants work to reboot the overall personality of a person creating the right mix of functional and emotional benefits.

A whole beeline of middle-aged women struggles with an identity crisis. They go to parties, socialise, but they need help in the dress code. Here, the image consultant’s job gets importance who without judging these women helps them to create individuality,’’ adds Jagtiani.

Fixing marital discords

A rift sometimes develops in couples because one of the partners is not ‘up to the mark,’ or lacks basic grooming sense. Here the role of image consultants comes handy to help the couple discover his or her spouse in a new light by grooming the other partner.

Grooming for men

Men, especially in junior and middle management, want handholding from consultants to work with them on their body language, stress management, wardrobe makeover and time management. Many feel the pressure to look smart as their wives are fit and doing well professionally.

The other chunk that hires image consultants is business owners and professionals who come to Gurgaon for work from small towns. They to match up with Gurgaon’s lifestyle seek help from image makeovers and happily agree to give a price.

This feature was first published in the print version of SUBURB September 2019 issue.

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