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Zorba Wellness – A rehab center for physical & mental well-being


A voluntary rehabilitation center chain, Zorba Wellness offers positive change in the lives of people battling with substance addiction, anxiety, depression, loneliness and similar challenges.

The year 2020 has left most of us vulnerable as we deal with unprecedented circumstances and situations in our personal, social and professional lives. While many of us comprehend how to move-on in our lives with optimism of a better tomorrow, not all have that encouraging power. In moments of weakness, they often get tempted to an obsession, be it alcohol or drugs.  

Zorba Wellness is a specialized, multi-centre, Rehab & Recovery Facility for Addicts of Substance Abuse and those afflicted with Mental Disorders; an initiative supported by Mumbai based Asmara Investments. The USP is while there’s a structured treatment protocol, they do not rush the healing process but rather take it one day at a time.

Care & Confidentiality

The personal care and attention, empathy and love that endears every patient hastens the healing process. The professionally qualified and experienced teams of specialists are committed to alleviating the pain, suffering, and healing all those who show up at their doorstep, wanting to change the course of their lives. Those seeking treatment’s identities are kept strictly confidential, and not revealed even to family, unless otherwise specified.

If you know someone who can seek solace in these tough times with professional help, reach out to Zorba Wellness who are on the mission to heal the world with personal care and empathy.

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