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Affordable Luxury


Bespoke Luxury League- Madhavi Advani and Sonal Bedi’s brainchild- recently launched its vertical.” the Affordable Luxury Segment.”

“Affordable Luxury” promotes start-ups and individuals or brands which are doing well and have the potential to grow further. These labels assist their brand building through a mentorship programme and strategic inputs.

The first event by the duo introducing the concept titled Celebrating Life and its Various Manifestations showcased the talent of designers like Payal Kanna of the famous Tamra Brand. Payal is known for her stylish cuts and creations, and she has styled some Bollywood singers and actors. Her clothesline is a part of the coveted Ogaan Collection.

Under the jewellery segment Manmeet, the owner of Gems in Jewels, charmed the visitors with the jewellery line. The collection was classy and affordable.

The third person who was part of this curated event was a young home chèf, Harshita Ahuja. This young lady started her venture a couple of years back under the brand name Squisito Rosa Kitchens. Squisito, as the name suggests in Italian, stands for exquisite and delicious so were the delicacies promoted that day. The Orange Ginger ale stole the show.

Some well-known faces at the event included Salma Sultan, Nasir Abdullah, director Sanjay Kapoor, Hemant Bhatia, and ravishing Shaloo Jindal. They recently won the crown of Zee Tv’s Dilli darlings.

The founder members of Bespoke Luxury League, Madhavi and Sonal Bedi, announced that they would continue having more such curated events where affordable shopping would be available under one roof for ladies to come and indulge and bond with each other over sweet nothings.” 

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