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Santa Brigade Spreading Cheer


The young team of Santa Brigade formed by school and college students take up the responsibility to reach out to the underprivileged with homemade masks, food and more.

An NGO, run by the young adults has already branched out in various states across the country wherein students have joined hands to support the cause of the impacted during the times of Covid-19. Sensitised to the grievances of the society, the advantaged youngsters enrolled in Santa Brigade go by the tags of Reindeers and Elves (just like Santa’s team!).

So, how did the name come up? Sidhant Malik, the Think Tank at the Santa Brigade and Gurgaon resident says, ” The sentiment attached to Santa Claus is that of joy, gifts, hope and goodness that conjures in our hearts; similarly, Santa Brigade touches lives and hearts of people. We reach out to the marginalised and lesser privileged with masks, food, ration in all humility to see a smile on their faces.’’

Supporting Humanity

 “What moved us deeply was the human suffering especially of the unfortunates who weren’t safe in their homes and not privileged enough to have their essentials in place,” says Rannveir Malik, Co-Lead of the Santa Brigade. 

Elves Talk

From the team of Elf, Akshit Chopra a college student says, “ Never did I realise that there was so much joy in giving than receiving.’’ Muskaan Grover, a school student energetically involved in the car cleaning drive says, “I have an added respect for our car cleaner and domestic help now.’’

Happiness Agents

The Santa Brigade since May 1, has already distributed dry ration to over 1500 families, over 1700 reusable cotton masks, about 450 packets of biscuits, 500 packed beverages in the community service.

The team wishes to help the underprivileged all year round with basics like food, clothes, footwear, books and more so that they can bring smiles on faces even in difficult times. Elfs of the Brigade come from Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Dubai, Punjab, reaching out to the communities where they are staying.

To raise funds for Santa Brigade the Elves & the Reindeers living in The IVY have commenced a car cleaning drive for the residents of the apartment. The youngsters are cleaning the cars and as a token of appreciation, the car owners are depositing charity in the account of Santa Brigade.

The residents are super excited with the endeavour of children and are happily extending their hands to donate, after all charity begins at home.

The Santa Brigade is of the Children and by the Children, and handholding them are philanthropists, leaders and experts in their field. 

 To join the brigade or make a donation visit santabrigade.in.

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