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Wiring Happiness Online


Gurgaon Happiness Festival 2021 was organised online on May 15, 2021. The virtual fest saw the participation of Industry leaders as speakers on the panel discussion.

In the midst of death, life persists; In the midst of untruth, truth persists; In the midst of darkness, light persists. – Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, Oct. 11, 1928)

The COVID pandemic has created a lot of mental issues besides physical illness. In the true Gandhian spirit, Happiness Strategy Foundation shared some deep insights on happiness through its Happiness Festival to boost the participants’ immunity and maintain a positive outlook.

For the cause

The fund received towards registration get donated to COVID relief, say the organisers. Gurgaon Happiness Festival 2021 the inaugural festival by the Happiness Strategy Foundation opened with a keynote by the leading and well-known researcher on Happiness in India, Prof Rajesh Pillania, MDI, Gurgaon, and Chief Mentor & Advisor, Happiness Strategy Foundation.

Prof Rajesh engaged participants in activities to experience five research-based happiness tips, including making happiness a choice, staying away from negative people, and forgiveness. He disclosed the Happiness Pledge and taught the meaning of being happy.

Making organisations happy place

Industry leaders namely Manoj Kohli, Country Head, Softbank India; Sameer Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG Global Services; Praveen Rawal, Managing Director, Steelcase India, SAARC and Design Application, APAC; Manish Jain, Managing Director India and Director, Client Services, APAC, Getronics; and Nikhil Mathur, Managing Director, GFK India, discussed workplace happiness. They deliberated on the best practice to make the organisation a happy place to work and shared fascinating insights on the role of employee wellbeing in the organisation. The panel speakers stressed the need to build a culture of diversity and inclusion, the importance of celebrations at offices to break the monotony, ways to increase happiness quotient by engaging families and building a positive work attitude. 

An expert keynote by the globally recognized Ms Noof Aljenibi, Director, Emirates Centre for Happiness Research & Advisor, Happiness Strategy Foundation (HSF) discussed the National Program for happiness and wellbeing, followed by the challenges of Positive Psychology Implementation and concluding with very insightful tips about promoting one’s happiness.

CSR for happiness

Corporate Social Responsibility industry professionals on the panel included Rama Shankar Pandey, Managing Director, Hella India; Sandy Khera, Country Manager & CEO, Enel Green Power India; Rajesh Mohata, CEO & Executive Director, JSL Lifestyle Ltd.; Irendra Chhabra, Global Head, Spend Management, Startek; and Sanjeev Aggarwal, Managing Director & CEO, Amplus Solar. Talking about the importance of CSR in an organisation they said CSR was like oxygen to keep an organization going, especially in these uncertain times.

Media Fraternity talks happiness quotient

Eshani Mathur, Editor Social Media, Bloomberg Quint; Anurag Mishra, Senior Editor, Jagran New Media; Dhruv Dev, Show Presenter and Host, Viacom18 Vikram Parihar, Regional Programming Head, 94.3 MyFM (Rajasthan & Haryana); and Dhruv Lau, Podcast Host and Script Writer Red FM got together to discuss their experiences and learnings with the audience.  The bottom line is – Smile is infectious keep smiling, agreed all the panellist and audience in unison.

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