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‘Haldi Milk’ Gets A New Twist


Mother Dairy has launched India’s traditional age-old drink ‘haldi wala doodh’ with an exciting Butterscotch flavor twist to it.

One of the most famous ‘nani ka nuska’ has been the turmeric milk – famous for its immunity boosting and healing qualities. We all remember drinking this since we were children. Come the mildest of winters, a hint of infection or a sickness to recover from,  a steaming cup of this magical potion would be served in a jiffy.

This humble and traditional drink from the Indian kitchens got noticed around the world where it made its debut as the ‘Turmeric Latte’ or even ‘Golden Milk’ in chic café shops!

Mother Dairy Launches Haldi Doodh Beverage

Celebrating our Indian roots is Mother Dairy’s new summer drink this season – Butterscotch flavoured Haldi Milk ( turmeric latte).

Following the self-care guidelines and recommendations issued by the Ministry of AYUSH as preventive health measures for boosting immunity amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Mother Dairy introduced this product in tune with the current consumption requirement. Turmeric contains curcumin, a flavonoid which supports a healthy immune response, thereby promoting general well-being. Additionally, Mother Dairy Haldi Milk is heat treated to remove all bacteria and pathogens.

“While the concoction of Turmeric and Milk, popularly known as Turmeric Latte took the world by storm, we must travel down the memory lane, back to our grandmother’s kitchen kitty which saw Turmeric or the ‘Golden Spice’ create a reputation as a “Cure-it-all” ingredient. Goodness of Haldi is backed by thousand years of Indian roots of Ayurvedic science and is known to strengthen the immune system, providing protection from common day -to-day infections. This would be the first in line among a range of Immunity-boosting products by Mother Dairy,” says Sangram Chaudhary, Managing Director Mother Dairy

Flavour Bomb

For mothers who struggle with their kids refusing to gulp down this drink, the added taste and flavour of butterscotch will do the trick! Made with concentrated turmeric extract, each bottle delivers same benefit as taking one teaspoon of Haldi powder in milk. Health just got a funkier taste with Mother Dairy.

The new flavoured Haldi Milk is available n a glass bottle packaging at a reasonable price of Rs 25. The beverage is safe for consumption both in chilled or warm condition. Let’s get back to relishing the taste of India.

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