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Is it Home Coming?


Who says the worst years of your life cant also be the best years of your life.
Who says the trauma can’t teach you something.
Who says the destruction cant wake you up to what comes next.
Maybe what’s being ruined was never worth preserving in the first place.
Maybe the other side’s a thousand times more beautiful – you were always just too terrified to look.

Heidi Priebe

How beautiful are the said lines! Yes, its “Lockdown” time all around the globe but as the lines say who says the destruction can’t wake you up to what comes next. 

What to do?

What are we supposed to be doing with our life at this point and in the days to come is a question that is haunting all of us. The skyline looks endless, yet we feel so stuck. In times of crisis when the mind seems to be completely lost and confused, taking few steps back always is worth the consideration.

It is this time that self meets the self. The mind is always so jumbled up that it can go in all directions at a given time.  But then, even if we can’t figure out what we want to do or we should be doing, somewhere deep within, when we reach there, we probably know exactly what we’re supposed to do.

Inside each of us rests the soft voice constantly whispering what’s expected of us. We may never speak it out. Our mind may be in the denial state, rebel against the idea or refuse to accept it but somehow, we always know what it is, and it has a powerful and profound effect on how we live our lives from here on.   

This is the time when the “home coming” in the true sense has actually started for many of us. We have started to question many aspects of our lives, we have started redefining our ways of living in many ways, developing new perspectives, making new definitions for our living. 

So Kudos to the human race! A bit stronger, wiser, grounded, practical with the true meaning and most importantly having the clarity of what matters the most, is here we come embracing the new dawn. 

About the Author: Lipsa Mohanty is the Founder Corporate Ashram, a non – profit organisation that runs on the theme of Science, Spirituality & Management.

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