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Two Sparking Bollywood stars leave the planet to add twinkle in the sky.


The sad and sudden demise of Irfan Khan(53) Rishi Kapoor (67) in last 24 hours has added gloom in the hearts of peopl

Irfan Khan, the legend, as we know him was a man of few words who expressed through his eyes, so deep and powerful has gone away too soon.
Maqbool, English Medium, PaanSingh, Tomar, Life of a Pie, Namesake, Haider and so many more where he has given intense performances…so truly convincing to live in the characters he played.

Rishi Kapoor, aka Chintu, what a magnificent actor! The baggage of legendary Kapoor Khandaan that he came from carved his own identity, a persona that was so his. The actor was active dynamic who resonated and reincarnated himself in new roles bringing together Bollywood lovers of different generations. Active and popular on Twitter sharing his heart felt opinions & views, who would forget the charming the Bobby Boby.
102 Not Out…he shall always remain Not Out as a romantic hero and a veteran actor who carried each role that he played with aplomb.

The two brilliant actors shall remain alive in our hearts in times to come.
Deepest condolences to their families.

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