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Rendezvous at the Book Launch


He dawns many hats-he started his career as a hotelier. A corporate leader working with various MNCs passing out of IIM-Kolkatta, a full-time astrologer and now a debutant author with his book A Mindful Mind Kabir Roy Choudhury was in Gurguram recently promoting his book A Mindful Mind.

The book launch event of Kabir Roy Choudhury, organised by hospitality consultant and blogger Geetikaa Batraa infused with warm vibes in the cold winter afternoon. Nidhi Agarwal, a diamond grader by profession, anchor by passion, moderated the soiree with her impromptu cheer and élan, keeping the gathering of women entrepreneurs, food bloggers, influencers, artists well engaged.

Ask Kabir about his most likeable hat, he gleams and says, “I am still trying to figure out what suits me the best. I believe in the concept of YOLO (You live only once). I am thrilled to have experienced myriad work roles, and currently, I am continuing all my passions alike.”

Based on real-life experiences that the author has come across, A Mindful Mind reflects his eventful journey and the people he has met. ” The book shows the protagonist’s difficult journey, her struggles and aspirations. Some incidences in the book resonate real-life cross-roads and curiosities of my clients that I have observed as an astrologer.” 

Though a work of fiction, the author gives subtle life lessons, “but I leave it to the reader to take the hidden messages or not. Even read as a story, the book has an interesting storyline,” says Kabir with enthusiasm.

After a hiatus, the book launch function was a kick-start to Gurugram’s event culture. Seen at the gathering were women entrepreneurs including renowned photographer Shalija Narita, Vineeta Jerath Grover Co-founder & editor SUBURB, Gunjan Loomba Babbar founder and Managing director Shabari, Seema Jain Krishnan home baker, Chtra Shharma home chef, NLP trainer Achla Bhardwaj, Mansi founder of Nail Stop, mosaic artist Kanika Singh, Parul V Garg founder & owner Faburra, blogger & brand influence Kanika Maini, Anshuman Sood Founder- Home Chef Association of India. The official photographer of the event Rashmi Chaudhary didn’t miss any important frame to narrate a visual story.

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