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Extended Lockdown: SOP for Residents to follow in conjunction with MHA Guidelines


As the lockdown gets extended till 17th May in India, fresh relaxations and restrictions have been issued. Here is the SOP for key topics concerning Residents during lockdown period in conjunction with MHA guidelines.

  1. Strict perimeter control to ensure there is no movement of population in or out of the colony except for medical emergencies or for maintaining supply of essential goods/services. Security (wherever applicable) to check for unwanted vehicle/people/labour movements.

  2. Restriction on Movement for essential services: Advised to have 1-2 person max in one car for essential service shopping. Senior citizens and children below 10 to stay at home.

  3. Restriction for walk on roads/parks – Anyone who has a medical advice for walks can walk (Orange/Green zone only) but not in groups. Should wear mask & follow social distancing.

  4. No gathering of 5 or more persons at public places/parks.

  5. Construction site work in residential area: Only up-to 10 workers available on site permitted. No outside workers movement allowed.

  6. Domestic Help – Part time maids, drivers, cooks – allowed at discretion of RWA. Rules to be followed if permitted: mask & sanitization compulsory, only one maid allowed to enter home at a time, maintain social distance with family members, keep check on their health status and those they live with. DO NOT ALLOW THEM PERMIT IF THEY ARE FROM ANY CONTAINED ZONE.

  7. Car Cleaner & Gardener – Discretion of RWA. If permitted – advisable to call only thrice a week.

  8. Press Waalahs – Restricted

  9. House help/Nurse allowed only for senior citizen above 65 years of age living alone or have medical condition where care-taker is a must.

  10. Shops in public place to ensure not more than 5 persons are allowed to gather. Social distance of 6 ft to be maintained. Wearing of face cover/mask is compulsory.

  11. Salons & Parlours are restricted.

As per MHA guideline, activities prohibited across the country irrespective of the Zone (Red/Green/Orange)

  • All domestic and international air travel of passengers, except medical services and air ambulance.
  • All passenger movement by train except security purposes.
  • Inter-state buses for public transport except medical reasons (permitted by MHA).
  • Metro-rail
  • Inter-state movement of individuals except medical reasons (permitted by MHA).
  • Hospitality services other than: police, housing health and government officials.
  • Cinemas, shopping malls, gymnasiums, sport complexes, pools, parks, bars and similar places.
  • All religious places would be closed.

Measures for well-being and safety of persons across the country:

  • For all non-essential activities, movement shall remain prohibited between 7pm to 7am.
  • In all zones, persons above 65 years of age, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years, shall stay at home.
  • Use of Aarogya Setu app mandatory for all.

Ministry of Home Affairs have left certain wrt domestic help to the discretion of legitimate RWAs of society/colony. Many RWAs of Gurgaon unanimously agree that in the current situation the entry of domestic help/cooks/daily cleaners to be deferred for extended lockdown period.

Our health remains in our own hands. A little precaution and some sacrifice can bring good health and happiness to our lives and our families.

Collated by SUBURB, as per the guidelines of the District Administration, Gurugram

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