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Change is the only constant in the entire existence. The pace of change in geometric progression has always outsmarted the degree of adaptability of human beings.

The cycle of life in the form of birth – growth – ageing and death has always been there from eternity and will ever exist as much as humans understand.

The whole struggle during the life cycle at the physical level is to keep the body & soul together; at the psychological domain it’s to impress upon others of one’s supremacy of ideas, actions, results, contributions, achievements and more. As the context of life changes, the purpose of existence also redefines itself.

Adaptability the simple secret of survival

It’s well known that not the intelligent or the strongest who survive, but those who can best manage change. It would not be wrong to say that adaptability is the hallmark to success. Those who create new reasons for their existence, get inspired by the discomfort of the undisclosed survive and those who add value in the life of others, not just survive but thrive.

As the journey of life continues, learning, unlearning and re-learning is a constant cycle that fits in the domain according to the current disposition of the individual. Things, people, places which at some point of time had been of paramount importance may not hold any meaning during the cycle of life. The priorities are complex, yet dynamic, which keep shifting to re-align their position according to the current patch of life.

As goes the quote by John Allen Paulos says“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”​ Time is ever-changing​, making change the only constant.

Those who do not change with times and mend their ways for existence, their existence gets wiped off. Being agile and adapting relevant changes for the required time and context allows the life to exist and move forward.

In the current scenario of #stayathome and #socialdistancing, no point in cribbing and going back and forth in the flashes of the recent past. Stay in the present by accepting the new reality that time has put forth. There are learnings to make, and going forward some mistakes to rectify to let go of hyper materialistic approach and adopt a more organic life, not just in consumables, or the entity itself shall consume the human race. 

About the author: Harbhajan Singh, with an illustrious work life of over 44 years is Chairman of Gurugram Zone, CII Haryana. President, Society for Safe Gurugram, and Chairman Corporate Social Responsibility & Affirmative Action, CII, Northern Region. Currently consulting as Chief of Strategy & People Care, SGT University, Gurugram, his core competency is to create peace in turbulent environment and evolve industrial harmony through social connectivity and bonding of industry with society.

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  1. Monu Rawal says

    Awesome sir
    You words are always an inspiration.

    No cribbing required ….required is learning & innovation through discomfort – need of the time

    I wish you will be coming with your story blogs also.
    your story telling leaves great impressions….

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