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Highlife Gifting from the National Award Winners


“Highlife, it’s a happiness company,” says the duo in unison.  Nidhi Bansal & Chef Ravitej, founders of the company are National Award winners in their earlier ventures.

It was during the gloomy times of Covid, and when people were sad and anxious, that was when Nidhi Bansal and Chef Ravitej Nath started their venture. Interestingly none of them had experience in the gifting sector. But they bring a rich hospitality experience of over two decades that gave them sensitivity towards people’s needs, the joy of gifting, the advantages of premium packaging and accessibility to the manufacturers.

“The whole gifting scenario in India, especially in North India, had, unfortunately, turned into a rather ostentatious race to show off one’s economic status and position in society. This also had a tremendous hidden negative impact on the environment with the amount of single-use plastic used in gifting. Gifting, rather than being about the receiver, became more about the giver, said Nidhi Bansal. The founders saw this gap and took the plunge with Highlife.

2022 gifting Market

After more than two years, the market has bounced back with renewed energy and spirit. People have realised that it’s essential to be happy and present in the moment rather than postponing it for the future. “There is tremendous excitement within corporates and individuals wanting to spread happiness with their teams and loved ones through gifting during this festive season. We see the beautiful emotion of giving, offering and gifting as a supremely positive force that not only makes us feel good but can also inspire revolutionary change in society,” said Chef Ravi Tej.

Since the company believes in customisation, a self-funded start-up, the founders have decided to adopt a ‘foundation first’ strategy. The customer could have a corporate requirement for his clients, team or vendor partners; weddings, offsite and conference requirements; personal requirements of HNIs, POIs and individuals with a conscience and taste. “Currently, we are operating through word of mouth, and the recommendation contacts that a satisfied customer can bring in is far greater than any advertisement or promotional campaign,” Chef Ravitej puts his point. “Our focus on ‘Fair Trade & Ethical Sourcing’ makes it simple for clients to have easy access to high quality, reliable products created by manufacturers and entrepreneurs,” he continues.

According to a market research firm’s report, India’s gifting market is expected to expand from $119 million to $159 million in 2025. Gifting is part of the Indian culture, integrated into our heritage and social customs. The growth of the Indian customer has played a critical role in bringing about this change, as customers are willing and able to pay for different gifts. Creative packaging, customized notes, initial engraved boxes, and other factors create a seamless experience emphasising care, thanks, and gratitude notes.  Customers today have access to a wide range of gifting options that give value and capture an everlasting relationship and moment through a personalised gift token.

Highlife curates bespoke crafted hampers for HNIs, the corporate sector, hospitality units and real estate. “Our clients are responsible, conscientious members of the community who also want to contribute to society and see this possible even through festive gifting. We curate gifts to any budget and requirement,” said Nidhi Bansal. The curated hampers feature traditional and contemporary food and drink from artisanal and exceptional producers. Packed with love and care in personalised, recyclable packaging, our unique range makes for memorable lifetime experiences. To connect with Highlife: 9871138328.

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