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Vedaaranya Heritage And Healing Festival 2022


10th To 13th March 2022, At Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan

Vedaaranya Heritage and Healing Festival (VHAH) 2022” at Ramgarh Shekhawati is the sixth edition of this festival organised by Shruti Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan. It brings together about 50 great artists, thinkers, mentors, healers, designers, entrepreneurs, Haveli owners, Government and institutional heads from India and abroad to celebrate, learn and create at the festival, and explore the uniqueness of this great town along with the local community, particularly its women and youth.

Performances of the year

This year performing artists at the fest include – Keynote by the Padma Vibhushan Dr Sonal Mansingh, Inaugural by Padma Bhushan Pdt. Sajan Misra and Swaransh Misra (Pdt Birju Maharaj’s son as a tribute to Pandit Birju Maharaj and Pandit Rajan Misra, Padmashree Geeta Chandran (Padmashree) and Sharaya Chandran performing “Dharohar”, Padmashree Guru Shovana Narayan is performing “Moment of Love” between Satyavan and Savitri from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, the renowned author, producer-director Dr Rama Pandey with 20 artists, Dr Radhika Chopra (Renowned Ghazal Artist), the Manganiyaars and Kalbeliya dancers, Bhopa Bhopi of Shekhawati, Dr Reema Hooja (Great Rajasthan Historian), Dr Tripti Pandey – renowned exponent and author on Indian Heritage, Harsh Neotia (Ambuja Neotia Group Chairperson and native of Ramgarh Shekhawati, Madhu Neotia, Chairperson IICD and many renowned Experts, Healers, Crafts Experts, Educationists and others.

Vedaaranya Heritage And Healing Festival (VHAH) was launched in December 2016 at Ramgarh Shekhawati, as a collaboration between the Department of Art and Culture, Government. of Rajasthan and Shruti Foundation to create awareness of the spectacular heritage at the Grassroots and to facilitate socio-economic stability in the beautiful but neglected region of Shekhawati.

In the past festivals, the doyens and great exponents of Indian culture and traditions, Sonal Mansingh (Padma Vibhushan), Rajan Sajan Misra (Padma Bhushan), Shubha Mudgal (Padma Shree), Dr Shovana Narayan (Padma Shree), Dr Geeta Chandran (Padma Shree), the great Baul exponent Parvathy Baul, the world-renowned Percussionist Taufiq Qureshi, and well as great Indian Mathematicians, experts of Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Conservation, cultural experts, and Indigenous healing experts have been the part of the cultural galore at the festival. A festival of Rajasthan cannot be complete without the participation of stalwarts of Rajasthan – The Manganiyaars, Langas, Kalbeliya dancers. The organisers focus to look beyond the metro cities to the heart of the specular Rajasthan heritage at the grassroots, particularly the most intensely frescoed heritage region of Shekhawati, creating global awareness of tangible and intangible Heritage with wellness, wonder and celebration in a unique experience. 

Event flow between March 10 to 13

1.       Morning and Evening Outstanding Cultural Performances from famous artists in the premises of the one and only Veda temple of India at Ramgarh Shekhawati, dances of the Shekhawati Sand Dunes, Classical dances in the famous Ramayana Chatri and cultural discussions in the spectacular Havelies of Ramgarh Shekhawati. We actively involve the women, local students and youth as well to participate at the festival.

2.       Kalakari Adde (Craft Corners) – Durrie Weaving, Mehendi, Puppet making, mats, and Other crafts

3.       Hunar-Shalas (Learning workshops) – Craftspersons from across Rajasthan, Vibrational healing, Heritage Practices and Indigenous Knowledge Systems and techniques of restoration.

4.       Vichaar Baithaks (Interactive session) on Shekhawati – Past, Present and Future

5.       Ramgarh Shekhawati Heritage Walk

6.       Evening Cultural Addas

7.       Pre-festival dance, music and craft workshops with students

8.       Post festival Monday morning with Nagaras playing at Shiv Temple on March, 14.

VHAH FEST is a major attraction for Heritage, Rural, Cultural and Wellness Tourism. It particularly aims to support artists and crafts-persons severely affected financially by COVID, aiming to engage and celebrate the widespread talent and authenticity of the region by inviting equal participation from the local and global artists.

It can be a treat for music, art culture enthusiasts to explore the Vedaaranya experience and support the resurrection and celebration of Indian Heritage from the Grassroots at Ramgarh Shekhawati.

Shruti Foundation

Shruti Foundation, a Charitable Trust has completed 13 years of work in the field of education, conservation, promotion of the traditional knowledge systems, heritage restoration, awareness and skill development training to the women, underprivileged and youth of the region. It has also been involved in educational research, publication, wellness and healthcare with traditional yogic and sonic sciences.

Since 2013, Shruti Foundation, through its Village Revival Initiative, has shifted a large part of its energies and resources into its projects in Ramgarh Shekhawati, particularly in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It has been working individually and in collaboration with the Government and other institutions for the development of Shekhawati.

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