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Beat Winter Hair Blues


Due to the lack of moisture in the air during the winter season, it’s a frizzy hair time for many. One needs to put in little more care to your crowning glory during the season—some quick reminders as North India prep up for winters.

To apply conditioner to hair or not, to oil or not to oil, to go for hair spa or not is what the mind chatters; all for want of lustrous locks.  Advice for endless when it comes to hair- new trends, age-old remedies and more. Not everything works for everyone! 

Gurgaon residents feel the pinch more in water because hair and water quality are supposedly directly related. Gurgaon has hard water, and the usual complaint that the dermatologists get is brittle hair and hair fall.

Apart from water quality, it is essential to take conscious care of hair, especially in winters. Washing hair with hot water and then exposing your hair and scalp to the cold temperature outside makes the scalp dry and causes dandruff.

Dryness occurs because cold air contains less moisture than warm air, making hair dry. It makes hair weak and brittle. To combat frizzy hair put the moisture back into the locks by keeping them nourished and looking after them a little more in the season. Here are quick recaps below:

Skip chemicals and hop onto hair masks.  

  Avoid brushing your hair vigorously.

Avoid frequent use of shampoo if you have dry hair.

Limit your use of blow dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons.

To detangle hair, use a wide teeth comb.

Skip hairstyles that pull your hair and cause breakage.

Keep hair conditioned and massage hair regularly to increase blood circulation and strengthen hair roots.

Weekly hair massage with warm oil keeps dryness at bay.

The use of egg yolk as a hair mask keeps hair from drying.

A lack of protein can cause dry, dull and tired-looking hair. Eat fish, meat, eggs, nuts, and dairy products for naturally shiny hair. Experts recommend intake of Vitamin E.

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