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MENSTRUAL CUPS for female hygiene & environmental sustainability


Pure Hearts (a children’s initiative) has launched ‘Meri Pehchan’- a campaign to build awareness about menstrual hygiene and to encourage the switch from sanitary pads to menstrual cups.

Pure Hearts organized its first free workshop as part of the campaign for the women of Tigra village, Gurgaon. Dr Diksha Sabharwal, gynaecologist, Sirona India (a pioneer in the manufacturing of female hygiene products), explained their use in detail.

Gaining popularity- environmental sustainability

Pure Hearts organise weekly workshops in various villages, Bastis and condominiums in Gurgaon to spread the word. As part of this effort, a workshop was conducted at the Public Health Centre (PHC) at Wazirabad also received an overwhelming response.

Dr MP Singh (DIO) and Dr J.P. Rajliwal (DSO) joined in to acknowledge the Asha workers for their service during Covid times and to support Pure Hearts in this initiative.

The Asha workers from various PHCs of Gurgaon who have befriended menstrual cups and become the voices to make a shift and adopt a better hygiene choice. Ms Rekha (Asha worker, Anganwadi Tigra) says, “It’s been a money-saving, comfortable and hassle-free switch with no leakage issues. I am pleased I gave it a try; others should too.’’

Ms Sameera Satija, Founder, Crockery Bank For Everyone, who uses the cup regularly, seconds this, “There is a learning curve to getting it in the right, but once you do, it overcomes problems of lack of water, sanitation and hygiene, and poor disposal facilities in Bastis.”

Poonam Agrawal, a volunteer and resident of Hibiscus, says, “I have made the switch and am amazed at the ease of use. I felt no discomfort and have found it an exceedingly simple process.’’

Every woman uses approx. 1,000 sanitary napkins over ten years, and by making the switch, she is substantially reducing sanitary waste.

Eshaan Sharma, a student of Grade 11, Pathways School, Gurgaon, says, “It is a huge step towards Swachh Bharat. Such a change will reduce the waste addition into landfills. We need to spread more awareness about this lesser-known alternative to regular menstrual products.”

Sanitary napkins Vs menstrual cups, the debate has started; the sustainable lifestyle change will not only contribute to women’s health, but a better environment for future generations. Also giving women in Bastis a hygienic alternative.

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