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A Report Suggests 39.3 Per Cent of the Men Have Higher Sexual Stress in India


Sexual health and wellness are defined as a state of physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions in relation to sexuality. Sexual intimacy has always been a stigma in India, and people are not willing to talk about their sexuality openly. Pandemic has affected mental health and has also aggravated sexual health problems amongst the individuals. One of the primary reasons is increasing stress due to jobs, work-life balance, financial challenges, and lack of socialization and relationship conflicts.

With the evolution of society in discussing taboo topics and the opening of digital health clinics in the country, the dynamics of men’s sexual health have changed. A recent study by Man Matters has seen the sector has seen 100X demand and a 270 per cent increase in men choosing to consult online doctors to talk about their sexual wellness and health.

Man Matter’s team conducted detailed research on the demand on the present trends in the men’s wellness sector. Survey Size: 33,000, Age Group: 22-35, Average Age: 27 and City: Pan India (50 per cent metropolitan cities, rest others), Period: Jan 2021-March 2022. Below are the findings as shared. 

●     Traditionally men don’t consult or seek help, but when provided with a safe space and access to the right expert, they are more willing to consult a doctor/specialist online for a wellness concern

●     40 per cent of the men reported facing some Sexual health issue in their first experience

●     22-26 is the age group that has shown increasing awareness and concern for their health and wellness, which earlier used to be a behaviour that would onset in age brackets of 26-30; younger men are becoming more conscious and deliberate about their health and wellness

●     A sharp spike of 2x each time during lockdown for consultations as anxiety and stress affects the sexual performance

●     Twenty-seven per cent of men reported having higher stress during the pandemic, impacting their wellness. 

●     Healthier habits are deliberate, like being conscious about nutritional intake, water consumption as a trend by younger demographics in men

Launched in May 2020, Man Matters (manmatters.com) is operated under parent company Mosaic Wellness, focused on offering curated services & products across health & wellness. 

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