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Aura of Nature – A holistic and natural path to wellness and beauty


A new promising brand ‘Aura of Nature’, is ready to create ripples in the market of ‘pure essentials’

What goes behind the market research, understanding the vacuum and turning it into an opportunity and quality concerns of products available in the market and more, we discuss with Kartik the man behind the brand & its making.  

The new-age brand offering natural and premium skincare, body care and hair care products share their journey exclusively with SUBURB.

The lockdown of 2020 came as an opportunity for the young lad to give wings of reality to his dream project. It gave Kartik the chance to explore the idea of offering wholesome, natural wellness products to people. The young entrepreneur says, the blueprint of Aura of Nature was already in his mind, and with the groundwork done, the initial lockdown gave the opportunity to bring the brand to life.  


“For the purity of ingredients, the sourcing of raw material plays a vital role in making a premium quality output. For the same, it is essential to know about the oils, fragrance and purity. I spent a lot of time doing my research on procurement, quality check and sampling before getting into manufacturing of the range,’’ he says enthusiastically.

Well-being and strong immunity is the absolute need of the hour. To fulfil this need, Aura of nature was born. The brand promises to give its consumers luxurious premium quality product and, importantly, at affordable prices.

Nature-Friendly Path to Good Health

In India, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda have been used for centuries to bring balance to the body and mind and hence regenerate an individual’s aura. These pure, natural and chemical-free products are often extensively used for cosmetics, aromatic, medicinal, and culinary purposes.

Elaborating on the product range, Kartik passionately explains, “Every single product that we carry has unique properties and is very thoughtfully and carefully sourced. We can proudly say that we use the best practices to give our product the edge in terms of carefully selected ingredients, processing and manufacturing, with the most trusted and reliable partners. Each product goes through rigorous testing and quality check to ensure that there is absolutely no compromise.”

The realisation of Dream Project

Hailing from a finance background, he has even dabbled in Food &Beverage industry out of sheer passion and curiosity.  “During the beginning of Covid, we all have realised the importance of well-being and the need for a lifestyle change. No brand focused both on uncompromising quality and affordable pricing. We wanted to enter the market so that men and women of all ages could use products that they can trust and afford to enhance their well-being.  For quality concerns, the idea was to collaborate with manufacturers who are USDA and GMO certified, so there is absolutely no compromise on the purity or quality of the product,’’ he adds.

Product Range

The range of oils includes Flaxseed oil, Black Cumin oil, Argan oil, Watermelon oil, Jojoba oil, Pomegranate oil, Cucumber oil. Price 375 onwards. Face pack- papaya, Acai Berry under eye gel, goat milk soap, priced at Rs.399 each.  To order online, visit www.auraofnature.com.

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