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In candid conversation with Dr Rajshri Singh, IG Crime & Traffic Haryana


It is an incredibly steep terrain for a woman to walk the trek in the capacity of a leader. Women will hear thousands of ‘no’s,’ especially as they break glass ceilings and smash every stereotype in the book. What separates the success stories is that they keep going in the face of adversity and not throwing in the towel. What keeps these women so committed?

At SUBURB, we break the stereotypes; instead of celebrating one day as a Women’s Day, here we believe, ‘if you respect her truly, every day is a Women’s Day.’ Saluting the women who are exceptionally strong, we highlight the journey of trials, triumphs and learnings of Dr. Rajshri Singh, IG Crime, Traffic & Highways, Haryana.

Dr. Rajshri Singh is IG Crime, IG Traffic & Highways and moves forward with utmost feminine strength, wisdom and power, as a senior official in one of the most significant departments of the governance.
Hailing from a small city in Haryana, Bhiwani, she learned her lessons early in life from her father who said, “To get heard and turn things around for yourself, you must be well educated and in the position
of power.’’ A medical doctor, with a degree in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) Dr Rajshri after her six years of course in medicine appeared for HPS (Haryana Police Service) examination, and she joined the police department directly as a DSP.

“My love & Respect for the Uniform’’

The first grain of inspiration to join the police department entered her after she saw the film Haqeeqat. The film and the serial Udaan much inspired me, wherein the protagonist Kalyani Singh is a dedicated police officer. Somewhere as a child, I internally had decided to ‘wear the uniform.’ ‘’It is tough for girls to join the police department since it is a very demanding, high-pressure job wherein one has to stay available to the call of work 24×7.’’

A Top Woman in a Man’s World

On asking about her journey up the ladder, she smiles and continues, “Sincerity, a lot of consistent hard work and an attitude of never to give up has got me through.’’ Predominantly a patriarchal set-up in the
police department, it has not been easy for her. “To prove her worth and credibility, a woman has to work two to three times harder in comparison to her male counter part. Yet, the appreciation does not come easy from the people around. If I do not receive applause for the work that I do, it does not bother me anymore. I have worked sincerely and will work with my utmost dedication to my country.”

There have been trying times at work when she was dealing with sensitive cases or working till the early hours and her children were young. She goes on to say that a successful woman, over the years deftly learns the balancing act. For her, work and family both are equally important.

The Battle of Gender Equality!

“Our social fabric is still very bias. A woman is expected to be ‘Sarvgunsampan.’ She should be efficient in household chores, good looking, cultured and also financially independent. None of it is presumed from a man. I believe a woman harnesses lot of inner strength in her, possibly she does not recognize it because of the mental conditioning and battered behaviour she received over generations by the patriarchy. She is spiritual, intuitive and robust.

Gender equality as I see graced by nature was men fending for the house and women looking after the household affairs. With changing dynamics, there is a significant shift in the works of both the genders. But somehow the mind-set has not shifted. On the one hand, women should not shy away from looking after the mental, emotional & physical nourishment of the family members; at the same time, men must also stand to support her in household chores. Unfortunately, gender equality is made into an issue of strength and vulnerability. Both genders make a complete whole and are born with some engrained attributes given by nature. When the foundation or the balancing act gets shaky, it certainly has an
impact on the coming generation as well.’’

One must manage all the fronts, home & work judiciously and that’s what tests the enormous capacity of a woman.’’

Dwindling of Moral Values

Dr Rajshri comes forward without mincing words in support of the joint family system. ‘’Parents, grandparents raised children earlier and they were not left alone in the house with the maids like in the current scenario.

Previously, moral values were seeded in children through heroic tales and moral stories narrated by grandparents. Today it is a nuclear family set up where grandparents are not welcome. With both parents working, children grow up without much emotional nourishment and are very susceptible to outside influences, including all kinds of media platforms, entertainment channels, maids, and peers. Mostly when young parents get back from work, they are very tired, frustrated from work and have hardly any quality time to spend with their children. Somewhere down, all this has influenced our social fabric, and hence many youngsters are taking to violence.

With accessible affluence, the youngsters get a feeling of entitlement, and one sees the accelerated growth in the rate of crime.

“I feel that the way the medical doctors treat the sick people with medicines, and we treat psychological sick people, the criminals. We are responsible for keeping society healthy; away from criminal viruses”

The Traffic Rage

Dr Rajshri feels that moral education as a subject must get included in the school syllabus once again. “Instead of cooperation, competition is the new buzz word. Hence many have become misguided missiles; they are aimless and thus explode at wrong places on wrong targets. They take on fights, giving rise to incidences of road rage. These people who show erratic irrational behaviour are typical cases of psychological disorder, riding on false egos. They are those who don’t get heard at home and also at work. Hence, at the drop of a hat, they create situations to get heard, recognized. Secondly, people are aware of their rights only and not considerate about the rights of others. Life for most is a contest instead of cooperation.

“1091 the helpline number for women and Durga Shakti patrolling jeeps in Gurgaon are swift in action. At times of eventuality, women can call up the helpline number or call 100, the help will come,’’ she says very confidently. She makes a strong statement to urge every girl to learn martial arts. “Before the help arrives, a woman should be equipped enough to safeguard herself. Martial art is a must technique, and in my opinion, every woman must learn.’’

A Poetess at Heart

“I am very feminine!’’ IG Rajshri feels that due to her work requirements, over the years, the active feminine side of her had become dormant. “Last few years, I am exploring the poetess back in me.’’ During her college days, poetry was her favourite hobby. Now one can see her reciting her poetry at various platforms. In one of her famous poetical narration, she portrays woman as the fifth wall of the house. “She is indeed stronger than the wall. She absorbs the emotional upheavals of all her family members, withstands day-to-day situational challenges and holds the foundation of a family strong.’’

Awards & Accolades

She is the recipient of President Police Medal in 2012 for her meritorious services. Graced with Gurugram Achievers Award, and Haryana Garima award, she was also recognised and felicitated by Janta TV, and was seen on Zee TV in the popular show Kavi Yudh. One can hear her talk at various
leadership conclaves and women empowerment forums. She believes in keeping up with the changing technology and currently has 85, 000 followers on her Facebook page. She encompasses wisdom,
strength, vulnerability and conviction in her persona.

Message During Lockdown

Stay home for the welfare of the country. Follow Honorable Prime Minister’s directive of extended lock-down and fulfill your duty as a responsible citizen. Take care of yourself, children and particularly senior citizens at home. Look after their health. If they have cough or cold they should be given steam before sleeping. Avail necessary medical facilities & if need be show them to a doctor in case of Corona like symptoms. You can even consult doctors online for support.

The whole country is united to fight corona and helping the government in their own ways. By staying at home or collecting ration and distributing food to the poor and needy, raising donations for stranded workers in camp, feeding food to stray animals and birds. Many organisations are also doing their bit for the benefit of humans & animals both. The country is united in its fight against Corona. The Corona warriors like doctors, nurses, health workers, police, lady constables and individuals from all strata of the society are working to keep people safe and healthy, following the guidelines of PM Modi to make our country corona free. Let us together work towards this mission.

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