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Moving forward with Courage and Compass-ion


Did you know that 2020 would be like this? What next? When will it end? What is your inner compass telling you? A gifted Psychic, Manmeet Kumar, founder of Soul Miracles shares her thoughts with us.

As a psychic, I am often expected to respond to such questions like what the future holds. While the answer to this may satisfy the quest of many, but today, I have chosen to respond to this as a Spiritual Coach.

Ask yourself – How do you handle a year where your personal dreams, plans and goals have taken a backseat to an event that has the entire world in its grip? Where is your compass pointing?How do you move forward in a situation where chronic anxiety has become a constant companion, a layer of fear has gripped the minds and concern for loved ones has people worrying like never before?

And the big question is why? Why is what a lot of the world is grappling with.

The short answer first: humankind has been sneaking around, rolling in meanness & cruelty and using force to restrain & exploit. Hence, this had to happen. It has only started. This is the beginning of the reset button being pressed.

Now, lets get a bit deeper.

First: The Sneaking Around.

This is making humankind and earth very very sick. So, the current changes are a clean-up.

Let me help you understand this better with a childhood memory. I was seven years old and very excited about my birthdays. To my delight, my aunt indulgently sent a big hamper of cake and goodies to our house. I would sneak to the fridge late at night to binge on them! Despite my mother’s warnings, I would hog and stuff myself at every given opportunity and pretend that I hadn’t done it. Lack of control led me to falling sick with severe indigestion. Lying on the hospital bed, images of what I had done wrong kept flashing – Sneaking around.

Even at that tender age, I had learnt my lesson.

But have we learnt our lesson?

As nations, coalitions, races, cultures, people, families and organisations – how much have we sneaked around spiritually over the last ten decades? And it is not close to getting over. We continue to sneak our way around nature, around morals and values, around integrity and truth. Exploiting, hoarding and destroying for commercial gain or to satisfy our egos – to do it just because we can.

Well nature and universe decided otherwise and when humans did not learn despite gentle and not-so-gentle warnings, the universe decided that we needed to learn something about being in balance and treating other living and non-living things with respect.

The principle of courage

We require courage to emerge from this. People who have wronged, lied, cheated and displayed duality will need to pay the price. And this is that year. In order to move forward therefore, we must stop sneaking around and be one with nature. Do only what is truthful, respectful and beneficial for the highest common good – this is courage.

Second: Meanness and Cruelty

We are living like the Devil on Earth, making us really the mis-fits. So, the current changes are a chance to reset our compass to compass-ion.

It is a cut-throat culture around us today. Cruelty and oppression meted out as practicality are called essentials for survival which is spreading from families to the world. The pursuit of convenience & materialism has blinded humans to kills everything from animals to nature to each other. Our actions are heavy on cruelty. As a result there is no end to miseries on earth.

2020 is about taking a hard look at what or who we have become, in order to stay in balance with nature, animals and fellow beings.

Compassion for ourselves, for all living beings and for nature –this is the only way forward from here.

Third: Using Force, Restraints and Shaming

This is taking our mean self to the level of perpetrators. As a culture, as a world, we have started to operate from force. The sharp and heavy consequences of “my way or the highway” have put a heavy burden of survival on our shoulders. Ideologies – that are unnatural are the only way of life today.

Even so called scientists are busy questioning GOD and justifying the use of invasive technology. Human kind is using force to artificially support life; in all ways fathomable, and calling it progress. The gentle feminine quality of “allowance”, of life, of flow of life, of freedom, of operating from collective good has all but become a dream. Restrictive cultures, rules and force will only take us so far and no more.Restrictive technologies will be even more disastrous.

We have to life free and live well. We have to be in allowance of all life force to live free and live well. Allowance has to replace force, and encroachment.

2020 is that year. It is the year of reset. It is the year of balance, of being one. As people, as a family, as a society, as a culture, as a race.

You and I and so many of us, have wished for these kind of changes for years now.  Nature is creating that chance for Humankind to change this time for good. It is waiting for YOU to shift. This will end when we learn.

Will YOU? Will WE?

About The Author: Manmeet Kumar is a Physic, Ediunergy Healer, Medium and Spiritual coach whose soul purpose is to reach out to people and create Consciousness on the planet. As a Lightworker, she wishes to empower people to lead happier lives. Soul Miracles by Manmeet is an invitation to look into your soul journey by going deeper into the subconscious level. It will give you the courage to heal, to be your own guide, to create abundance in life and to be spiritually sufficient.

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