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Art Exposition by Nidhi Rajput Bhatia at Ishvatam, a window into nature’s beauty


Nidhi Rajput Bhatia exhibits her contemporary landscape series-Inward Eye (Antar Drishti) in oils and watercolours at Ishvatam, a luxurious lifestyle store on MG road New Delhi. The exposition is on display for public viewing up to April 30.

Colours so fresh and transparent with layers reflect positive vibes through the frames. The artist enthusiastically explains her obsession for landscapes, “Hailing from a small town in hills where I spent my childhood, I resonate with nature. When I see natural light in its vivid colours, flora & fauna and scenic beauty of a place, it gets absorbed, which I try to represent in my artworks.” As a landscape artist, it is light and colour that Nidhi remembers most about a place, and it is her inspiration. “Through my work of art, I try to urge people to appreciate the artistry of the universe surrounding us and discover beauty in unusual places,’’ she adds. Her landscapes and flowers try to capture nature’s transient beauty and its fleeting magic.

Artist’s inspiration

Talking about her favourite artwork she promptly points to a stunning painting, with minutely crafted strokes, “That’s a series dedicated to my furry baby girl, Mango. She loved being in relaxed and natural surroundings just like me. In her own way communicated what she loved. Mango would sniff flowers and weeds. It was a ritual for her to take me to her favourite bush of wildflowers and stroke them gently,” and she gets emotional. The earth laughs in flowers.

The artist’s landscapes and flowers in watercolour and oils use interchangeable techniques. Washes of colour built layer upon layer. She uses various tools, brushes, cloth, paper, palette knives and her fingers to scrape, lift and layer colour. The interplay of light, colour, shapes and shadows captured on canvas or paper display the timelessness of nature’s stage.

Nidhi has various commissioned works to her credit. She has exhibited her artwork in Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad and Chandigarh, and her work hangs in private collections in the US, Europe, the Middle-east, Hong Kong and India. Her solo shows at India Habitat centre, Taj Palace, New Delhi earned her lot of accolade. Her works can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/nidhibhatia.art/

The home of style decor

Talking about the art show and Ishvatam, Preeti Trehan, owner of the store, passionately speaks, “at Ishvatam, we believe in narrating stories through designs where we bring an impeccable blend of old-world values and the essence of good design, which is both ageless and adaptable to a contemporary context. Hence the subject of the art show resonated with our core theme of amalgamation of the two worlds and values of staying grounded. A person’s home reflects the Antar Drishti of the people staying there. Our product range is selectively handpicked to redefine home not just in India but abroad. Some of our permanent clientele living overseas like to carry our products with them since we understand their taste and curate an amalgamation of vintage and contemporary.”

Founded over thirty years ago, Ishvatam is a pioneer in the field of design stores catering to homes and interiors. Retailing soft furnishings, furniture, frames, art pieces, paintings, lamps, mirrors and brass items, the store takes pride in its artistically designed diverse range of products meant for various budgets, from seekers of ultra-luxurious lifestyle to the upper-middle-class segment.  

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