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Mental Health – Putting the pieces together


India is a country harbouring several taboos and stigmas; unfortunatately most often against very relevant issues that require open discussions. Mental health being one of them.

It is very natural to most of us to dismiss or brush away topics on mental wellness. We often don’t give the due attention and brevity required to help those who may be facing the dark demons of poor mental health. Someone with a physical injury can seek medical intervention without getting eyebrows raised. But for someone dealing with mental ailments, visiting a therapist or seeking professional help can often put the individual in a tight or unclomfotable spot in his/her ‘social circle’.

Speak Out, Hear Me Out

In recent times, there has been a renewed focus on the importance of mental health and wellness. A lot more people are coming forward to share their mental health challenges and share their storied wherein they have or are battling with mental health demons.

“Mental Health is the key to our well-being and even a physically healthy person sinks in dark corners if not mentally healthy,” says Dola Mukherhee, a primary caregiver. “Unfortunately, this issue is often brushed under the carpet as there is a stigma attached. In a space of mental health, the primary care giver plays a very significant role, who himself/herself needs attention and counseling too.”

As a community we need more people like who do not fear society perceptions or social stigmas and can reach out to spread awareness. Seek support and guide those who can benefit from professional help. All individuals experience pangs of doubts, anxieties, helplessness; but if the condition persists for long and begins to hamper your overall life quality, do not ignore and take counselling or therapies to strengthen your mental wellness.

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