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Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International speaks on good parenting

Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International speaks to SUBURB on the huge role parents play in their child’s life. It is extremely important that parents ensure their children behave responsibly and do not indulge in any activity that can create trouble for them. Parents have to inculcate the right ethics from the very beginning and make the children aware of the repercussions of their wrong doings.

The recent unfortunate incident involving juvenile drinking and driving has created a stir not just in the city but across the country. Gurugram resident Alok Gupta lost his life in this tragic incident when he was hit by a car driven by juveniles. Its time parents wake up and ensure such accidents do not happen by learning to firmly say no to their children when they are in the wrong and not give in to their unreasonable demands.

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