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Message from Deputy Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid on the controversy over Tanishq Advt


It’s all about perception, shifting focus gives a new meaning. Syed Shaban Bukhari, the Deputy Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid, born in Delhi, hails from the family of Islamic theologists who have since their past thirteen generations been part of Jama Masjid Delhi.

In response to the rise of recent controversy and opposition by the certain groups on Tanishq’s Ekatvam advertisement, the Deputy Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid, Syed Shaban Bukhari took to his Facebook page to share his appreciation for the advertisement, reaffirming the spirit of mutual love and solidarity between Hindus and Muslims.

The Facebook post came at the backdrop of the Ekatvam advertisement being recently withdrawn by the Tata Group owned Tanishq jewellery brand due to anti-social backlash and trolling on social media. Celebrating the beauty of oneness, the creative showcased an interfaith baby shower where a Muslim mother-in-law organised the baby shower of the Hindu daughter-in-law as per Hindu rituals.

“I find this ad extremely beautiful. The division is in the minds of few extremists. We as #Muslims have “REALLY” good #Hindu friends and we all love each other and when you talk about safety, yes #Hindu‘s are super safe in our houses. #Tanishq, well done for spreading love, he posted.

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