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Haryana Industries to Resume Operations says CM Manohar Lal Khattar


There is hope for the industy sector in Haryana. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is reviving the industries which have been closed because of the nationwide lockdown due to Covid were being revived.

The industries in Haryana can now apply start their operations. To facilitate this, work on granting permission and passes is underway on the Saral Haryana portal (saralharyana.gov.in)

There are about 1,16,700 micro, small and medium industries in the state and so far, 55,935 industries have already applied on the portal for permission to operate. These include 35,572 industries in urban areas and 20,246 industries in rural areas. Apart from these, there are 608 in situ industries. A whopping 21,86,098 workers would get work again once these industries are revived and operational.

He said all industries should register themselves and make their data available to the state government so that it could be used while formulating policies in the future.

Employment Regeneration

Giving more information, a government spokesperson said there were 43,653 industries with strength of up to 25 workers. The number of industries having between 25 and 200 workers was 10,186, while the number of industries with more than 200 workers was 1,979.

He stated that so far, 34,375 industries had been allowed to operate. Of these, 18,816 industries were in urban areas and 11,842 industries in rural areas. With the opening of these industries, 15,48,574 workers had been employed — 8,02,825 in urban areas and 4,97,828 in rural areas, he added.

558 in situ industries had also been allowed to operate. With this, 26,546 persons were employed. Of these, 13,574 had been employed in 294 industries in urban areas and 12,972 in 264 industries in rural areas. The operation of 1,448 brick-kilns had been allowed in the state, in which 2,08,046 workers have returned to work, he added.

Haryana Roadways buses have been put to use for the movement of employees for smooth operation of small, medium and micro industries. With a view to avoiding mass movement of migrant workers, the state government had set up shelter homes for them.

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