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October 2023 Tarot Reading by Sujata Malik


Sujata Malik, a seasoned therapist with over two decades of experience in various energy healing modalities, offers her Tarot insights for October 2023. Sujata’s expertise includes Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy, and more. For personalised one-on-one sessions, you can reach out to her at 9811128979.

The tarot cards reveal a dynamic interplay of energies that can significantly impact our lives. Sujata’s interpretation of these cards provides valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges, offering guidance and illumination for the month ahead.

Aries (21st March-20th April)

Personal: Friends might surprise you with visits this month. Many events await you. Lean on your loved ones for support.

Finance: You might feel tight in your finances and out of place in your career. Plan and gather resources and work towards your dream without rushing.

 Travel: Sudden travel plans may be made. Enjoy these moments and use them to build healthy bonds with friends and family.

Emotions: Surprises from friends will boost your mood. There may be emotional upheavals and mood swings. So be open to sharing your feelings.

Health: This month calls for deep introspection and mindful choices. Monitor your caffeine intake and reduce your consumption of tea and coffee. Be self-aware.

Colour of the month: | Brown | Lucky number 5 | Cosmic tip: True friendship is difficult to find, so honour your friends.

Taurus (21st April-21st May)

Personal: This month brings challenges. However, success remains within reach. Good news is on the cards.

Finance: Some of your efforts might go unnoticed, but do not let that deter your ambition. Avoid investments, but you could lend money to a friend if needed.

Travel: Avoid travel due to budget constraints. Short breaks to the countryside and evening strolls with loved ones are recommended.

Emotions: Emotional ups and downs await you. Family issues may be on you. So, chat with close friends for relief. Seek support if overwhelmed and do meditation.

Health: Find joy in humour and self-awareness, crafting your Jokes. Limit alcohol and caffeine for more energised days.

Colour of the month: Green | Lucky number: 7 |Cosmic Tip: Harness celestial wings, letting them draw you nearer to the divine.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June)

Personal: Your love life might hinder dreams, and big decisions could be made. Strong support from your loved ones is indicated.

Finance: You might give up your fulfilling job to pursue your passions. Small businesses could attract new clients and give you surprise profits.

Travel: A rejuvenating out-of-town trip awaits you. Enjoy with friends and try to spend a lot of time outdoors with nature.

Emotions: Emotional strength and balance are needed to change the dreams that you’re looking up to. Don’t get consumed by your emotions.

Health: This month calls for a harmonious blend of the mind and the body. You can go deeper into your meditation practices and enhance your spiritual connectivity.

Colour of the month: Brick red | Lucky number: 6 |Cosmic Tip: Celebrate the wonders of space, seeing them as gifts of the divine.

Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)

Personal: This month, your life resembles a rose, full of beauty but with some thorns. Cherish the beautiful moments.

Finances: A bustling month with you. Achieving good performances could spotlight you and increase your financial graph.

Travel: Travelling briefly will recharge you this month. The schedule will limit travel, but some short weekend trips await you.

Emotions: Let your heart lean more towards moments of joy and positivity, even when challenges arise. Let meditation guide your feelings and anchor you.

Health: Managing time is essential to reduce stress and promote mental clarity. Balancing mind and body is vital to cultivating harmony.

Colour of the month: Fuschia | Lucky number: 1 |Cosmic tip: Dream big for the cosmos and thrive on vast aspirations.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Personal: This month strengthens your bond with your best friend. Expect laughs, surprises, and gifts and be open to relationship commitment.

Finances: Considering a new venture, now is the time to kickstart it. Some could receive bonuses at work. A big boost in your career is indicated.

Travel: Romantic outings are indicated, and Prioritise time with nature, loved ones and Post-work relaxation.

Emotions: Channel energy into positivity for mental well-being. Avoid impulsive decisions during extreme happiness. Just let all your emotions flow.

Health: Regular checking of your blood pressure and sugar level will give clarity about your well-being. Proactive health measures can be the key to long-term vitality.

Colour of the month: Hot pink |Lucky number: 7 |Cosmic Tip: Celebrate heavenly messages and be receptive to the creator’s love.

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Personal: This month promises professional, emotional and mental growth. Make a vision for your efforts.  The good news in your career is on the horizon.

Finance: Financially, things look extremely positive. You might receive a bonus for your dedication and hard work. An increase in profit is indicated on the card.

Travel: A fun trip with friends might be coming up, but it will be to a nearby short destination domestically.

Emotion: A wave of happiness awaits you this month; good news, both professionally and personally, will lift your spirits. Romance could also blossom.

Health: A journey of spiritual and physical arrangement awaits you. Merging spiritual insights with mindful eating will bring harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Colour of the month: Light green |Lucky number: 1 |Cosmic tip: Emotions will be shared and expressed.

Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Personal: This month, you may see progress towards your goal. If challenges and conflicts with loved ones may arise, they are short-lived.

Finances: Financial prospects brighten this month. New businesses may show modest profits. It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to invest.

Travel: A short business journey is indicated this month, but mostly, it is a time to stay indoors and avoid any travel.

Emotions: An emotionally fulfilling month lies ahead. Achievements will lead to family pride despite arguments and work stress, and bonds will be strengthened.

Health: Nutrition and self-love take the spotlight. Carve out moments for self-care, cherishing yourself and promoting overall wellness.

Colour of the month: Royal Blue |Lucky number: 3 |Cosmic Tip: Learn the art of self-promotion without arrogance

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

Personal: Be mindful of spending and prioritise necessities over luxuries. A family gathering is on the horizon. You are inching towards your dreams.

Finances: Job switching might be better now. Business owners brace for unexpected shortfalls. Beneficial, long-term investments are indicated.

Travel: Family get-togethers are back for you. Friends might propose a trip, and it would be great to rejuvenate. Enjoy your vacation.

Emotions:  Someone’s affectionate sharing will warm your heart. Achieve dreams, as this will boost your pride. Trust yourself and anticipate joy throughout the month.

Health: Impress inner Tranquility and joyful moments. Relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing will help you to combat stress.

Colour of the month: Khaki | Lucky number: 9 |Cosmic tip: Drop comparisons and set clear career boundaries.

Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December)

Personal: This month, you will advance towards your dreams. Avoid self-pressure as bonds with friends and family will deepen.

Finance: Previous investments could yield good profits. Promotions could also be anticipated. Expect new clients and higher responsibilities.

Travel: A family getaway to a beautiful resort is indicated. Reconnect with old friends overseas.

Emotions: Let go of past regrets and enjoy inner peace. Connect to the positivity in your mind and distance yourself from negativity.

Health: Eat healthy to keep your weight in check. Embrace the vibrant world of herbs and spices for your taste buds and health benefits.

Colour of the month: Brown | Lucky number: 8 |Cosmic Tip: With every Sunrise, renew the pledge of love.

Capricorn (22nd December-21st January)

Personal: Avoid short-lived joy and distance yourself from those indifferent to you. Focus on your goals and be open to new friendships.

Finances: Be proactive and list your goals. It is not a time to invest money and avoid any financial investment.

Travel: A trip with your loved ones is indicated. Visit new places, as it could bring openings for your career too.

Emotions: Let off any lingering worries this month and enjoy complete joy. Instead of chasing pleasures, indulge in small moments. Honour your emotions

Health: It is time to reassess your dietary choices. Manage your body with whole foods and avoid sugar. It is crucial to have a good mental balance, and laughter is the best medicine.

Colour of the month: Brown. |Lucky number: 2. | Cosmic Tip: Trust the universe, as your guides provide a lot of information.

Aquarius (21st January-19th February)

Personal: This month promises joy and minor setbacks. Expect unique and career growth with possible changes to travel plans. Challenges will arise, but face them bravely. Reconciliation with loved ones might be on the horizon.

Finances: Your career might flourish with possible promotion and bonus. Investments will be profitable. Don’t let envious peers distract you from your path.

Travel: Adjust travel plans as friends might change theirs. Consider the family getaway to scenic places, as this will help to strengthen family bonds.

Emotions: Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions as you reach your goals. Expect positivity and potential resolution to past conflicts. Good news may feed on the corner.

Health: Prioritize portion control for better health. You are opting for smaller plates. It can be a game changer in managing your weight. Focus on proteins and essential nutrients. This will be the way to balance a vibrant well-being.

Colour of the month: Amber |Lucky number: 1 |Cosmic tip: Envision a world where celestial kindness reigns supreme.

Pisces (20th February-20th March)  

Personal: Challenges arise this month, but loved ones will support you. If applying for jobs, you may face rejections, and cherished friendships might need Mending. Avoid arguments to prevent unnecessary strife.

Finances: Daily work might seem monotonous amid life stresses. Finances will be tight. The professional front could be smoother than you would like, so financial instabilities are indicated.

Travel: Travel isn’t advisable now. Instead, rejuvenate with long walks and garden trolls. Local friends might surprise you with a visit.

Emotions: Emotional lows may be there, but uplifting news from your friend will comfort you, too. Avoid disputes to keep spirits high. Open conversations with close ones can help you navigate mood swings.

Health: This month promises growth and emotional wellness. Engage in voluntary activities to feel fulfilled. Be introspective this month and identify what your anger and anxiety look like. Prioritise, balance, and heal. 

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky number: 4 |Cosmic Tip: Embrace the shedding and growing cosmic dance.

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