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Today & Every day I take Pride I being a Woman… She Speaks


She has endurance, adaptability, she is resilient, emotional but not weak. She carries the magic of life in her…She is a celebration, today & every day.

SUBURB in conversation with ladies who live by the choices they make with an attitude, “ I will not give up.’ 

Aditi Misra

I feel immense pride in being a woman. I am His creation who has been given the gift of Creation! It is a woman who creates Life. It is she who infuses life into a house making it a home. She gives her love and cares unconditionally. I have taken pride in being a woman in all her roles: a daughter, a sister, a mother (the in-law avatars!), and a wife.

My personal learnings during COVID times: My happiness lies inside me. I do not need external stimuli to feel happy and content.  I choose to be happy and content in all situations. I am grateful for what I have often taken for granted – my home, my family & my friends. I am strong & resilient. I will accept new challenges and find solutions. I will not give up!

Aditi Misra, Director, Principal Delhi Public School, Sector 45 is an icon in the education sector, creating new milestones. Handholding children and their parents in crucial years of development, she is the woman of grace, great leadership, high credibility and an inspiration for many.

Krishna Das

I take pride in being a woman because of being able to wake up every morning with renewed energy believing in myself, “come what may I am ready to face the world’.  As a woman, it’s given that we have the power of multi-tasking at home, work and the outside world without a cry. This Belief in woman power helps me every day to conquer the world. The fact that my energy, sincerity and positivity keeps my family secure, happy and positive keeps me going that extra mile. Most importantly, the feeling of happiness to have created two beautiful children knows no bound.

I reinvented myself during Covid times. I was able to test my abilities and energy after a long time mindfully. Completed three certification courses that I never thought I could. Experimented with cooking new dishes. I spent time with my husband which was like our courtship days. Sheer happiness. Met people on-line, renewed old contacts. Learnt to find happiness in small things all around

Krishna Das is the Head of Pallavanjali Institute for Actualisation of Individual Potential, a program for 18+young adults with special needs & regular EWS students. She is a founder member of Astha, an NGO working at the grass-root level for people with disability.

Surabhi Joshi

There is nothing a man can do that I can’t do better, but there is something that I can do, which a man can’t do ever!

Life is because I (read woman) am. Like a seasoned acrobat, I instinctively walk the tightrope, maintaining balance. While I may fall at times, I get up, dust myself and walk the rope again…you know why? My children are watching me. Taking compliment and criticism in my stride, I move ahead, inspired to explore, challenge my abilities and want to inspire other women.

Pandemic times was a learning experience. While locked at home, I was able to unlock and discover myself. I travelled inwards and learnt that I could take on much more and enjoyed doing so. While I was busy becoming a Youtuber, Podcaster, Blogger, Public Speaker and helping others as Coach, I also re-learnt that my greatest champion was my husband. The yin and the yang bring out the best in each other when they complement each other.   

Surabhi Joshi, an educationist, Co-Founder of Wisdom Curators, Parenting Coach, is currently working as the Lead for Curriculum Development and Capacity Building for Manav Rachna International Schools. 

Meenakshi M. Singh

I perceive women as a powerful being, as a creator (Janani), rather than victims.  A woman has the innate capacity of being an independent individual, yet being a nurturer, striking a fine balance between aspirations and obligations to create harmony. Being a woman is a privilege to enjoy all the Rasas of life, the whole spectrum, being fierce yet malleable enough to dream for oneself and enabling other’s dreams. Personally, motherhood made me the happiest and fulfilled person ever and the best crisis manager. I believe that Wo in Woman stands for Wonder, not woes and each woman is good enough, as is always. Womanhood is a celebration.

During the pandemic, in a state of pause, turning inwards was my primary learning. I learnt to stay focused on the things, passion and people that matter, practice self-love & minimalism in all aspects of life, and shed all that is superficial, be it stuff, activities or people, being a creator in life a consumer. Also, the Covid times taught me that self-reliance brings more happiness and being grateful is joyful, content and fulfilling times.

Meenakshi M. Singh is an award-winning author of three books and editor of ShetheShakti. This former IT professional is a recipient of the Rex Karamveer Chakra award instituted by the United Nations. Founder of SheTheShaktiInc., a woman empowerment centre.

Divya Chandra

As women, I feel we are blessed with innumerable gifts. We can create and offer kindness, generosity, nurturing, insight, leadership, fortitude, vulnerability, strength. The list is diverse and self-sustaining as Mother Nature. Personally, I feel we are very intuitive, and as women, we have a greater appetite for resilience, adaptability and balance-work balance. We are expressive, emotional but certainly not weak. I take pride in leading life on my own terms and choices.

The Covid times showed the importance of self-care not just physically but emotionally through inner work, cultivating a conscious connection to the divine. Blessed to enjoy a soulful time of self-introspection and God to navigate such an unprecedented isolation period.

Divya Chandra is a speaker, media and panel expert, producer, author, playwright and film & TV critic. As the founder of The Women of India Summit, Divya curates a platform that addresses the ways women are kept disempowered and provides guidance, insight, and tools that help women take control of their own lives.

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