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Sujata Koirala, former deputy PM Nepal addresses FII members in Gurugram


 Sujata Koirala, former deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, former foreign minister needs no introduction coming from the illustrious political Koirala family of Nepal. Today, she was in Gurugram for a function organised by the Federation of Indian Industry (FII). The team FII under the guidance of Deepak Jain, managing director of FII, and Hitender Mehta, chairman of International Affairs Committee FII, welcomed her.

Vineeta Jerath, editor SUBURB & chairperson Women Empowerment (CSR) FII, in a candid conversation with Nepal’s articulate politician, Sujata Koirala.

Former Deputy PM and former foreign minister of Nepal, Sujata Koirala, spoke emphatically and affectionately at the forum about historical Indo-Nepal relations. She called it a good time to invest in Nepal with the progressive government ruling Nepal. Referring to the old rhetoric that India and Nepal have ‘Roti- Beti ka Rishta,’ she said that sometimes misunderstandings happen among close aids, but that does not change the old equation.

Remembering her father, Girija Prasad Koirala, President of Nepali Congress and Prime Minister several times from 1991 – to 2008 and Sushma Koirala, her mother (in whose memory Sujata Koirala has established trust, hospital and colleges) said, “During the last days, my father took a promise from me to work towards improving ties between India and Nepal.” Refering to pre-indepence times, Sujata said that her father and uncles were followers of Mahatma Gandhi and greatly influenced by Gandhian principles. Following in his father Girija Prasad’s footsteps, Sujata believes in nurturing cordial relations between India-Nepal. Ms Koirala called upon leaders of various industry sectors present in the meeting to open Industries in Nepal. She further met them separately, promising them to offer assistance for their business in Nepal. 

National Women’s Rights day in Nepal

On the occasion of 4th National Women’s Rights Day today, Ms Koirala said that there is a 33 per cent seat allocation for women in the federal parliament of Nepal. Gradually the old mindset of misogyny is breaking. She said the need of the hour is the development of the education and health sector in Nepal, followed by infrastructure. “The laws for women are strong in the constitution of Nepal, but the implementation is slow. Lack of education, poor infrastructure and abysmal internet connection in the rural areas of Nepal have left the womenfolk still struggling for their voice.”

Sujata Koirala has a stunning, graceful demeanour, fond of draping cotton sarees, an alumna of Shantiniketan, aunt of Bollywood actor Manisha Koirala. Ask her what she likes the most about India, and she promptly says its warmth, the people, food and her friends in India she had missed the most in the last five years when she was not able to visit India. 

Talking about the automobile sector condition in Nepal and nudging the FII members from the automobile industry, Deepak Jain, Managing Director of FII, pointed out, “The automobile industry in Nepal requires handholding particularly. The import duty on cars is as high as about 288 per cent, making it almost impossible for the common public to own cars. The budget for the current fiscal year slashed import duty on battery-powered autos from 40 to 10 per cent to expand electricity use and promote environment-friendly transportation. According to car dealers, the demand for electric vehicles is very high, but production is down in India, where Nepal imports most of its vehicle needs.”

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