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Pamper Your Skin Against Pollution


Zyna with a sincere promise to give its fastidious consumers- Clean, Safe & Natural skincare products.

Based out of Gurgaon, well-researched product line, Zyna is meant for “those who believe in skin deep natural beauty & radiant skin, says, Anuradha Jagthari, the owner of the brand line.

Since once again Gurgaon is facing a deadly wave of pollution, two products to pamper your skin, recommended by SUBURB from Zyna’s bouquet of skincare products.

Daily defence Anti-Pollution & Anti-digital ageing cream with SPF 30:  It is a unique product with four-pronged approach to tackle skin ageing. Its mineral sunscreen content takes care of photo-ageing while Ecocert certified actives like blue oleoactif are geared to protect from digital-ageing, blue light that is emitted from gadgets. Biosaccharide Gum 4 acts as a breathable matrix on the skin, protecting it from environmental aggressors like smog, pollution and formaldehyde released from furnishings.

Refreshing & Tightening under eye gel a.m.: “Our COSMOS and USDA organic certified actives like microencapsulated caffeine, sodium hyaluronate, oleoactif & Vitamin C to ensure that under eye area is hydrated, bright & smooth.

Anuradha, speaks passionately about her brand, “we are a new skincare company based completely on the concept of clean beauty. We have left out 1586 controversial ingredients from our skincare products. We have gone by European union list of ingredients which are banned in cosmetics.   


“We have based our skincare line on the cutting-edge combination of potent plant-based ingredients and scientifically advanced actives. Our mantra is to combine the “goodness of nature with wonders of science”. “We have taken tried and tested herbs and plants from various ancient schools of science like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Aromatherapy and combined this time-tested wisdom with state-of-the-art innovations in skincare to come up with skin solutions that are safe and natural yet efficacious and effective. The product line is manufactured using plant-derived antioxidant-rich oils, multivitamins and a myriad of other natural extracts.”

What is Clean beauty?

For the company, it means a skincare line that is made with your health in mind. Clean is non-toxic, safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and much more. To us it entails Ecocert approved preservatives and emulsifiers, USDA approved extracts, COSMOS certified actives, Natural oils and butter along with no potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or ingredients with contaminants.

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