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Sujata Malik, a spiritual mentor with over two decades of experience in various healing modalities across platforms nationally and internationally has curated a free-flowing programme for children & young adults to demystify their different emotions and work with them to harness their energies in a positive direction.

As the world witnesses unparalleled trials and a massive shift in lifestyle choices, it is imperative that children get a non-judgmental platform to express their emotions where they feel accepted and heard.

In the specially curated sessions for children, Sujata Malik has customized mental tips and emotional freedom techniques to share with children making their inner self stronger each day, a foundation to creating an emotionally stable and spiritually awakened individual.

Personal Growth Courses

Being a spiritual coach, a therapist with over two decades of experience conducts group and individual sessions for handholding of people across age groups, Children today need well-tailored courses that provide them with the much-needed skills to grow into a creative, productive and balanced individual.

“The new-age spiritual classes encompassed with joy and learning help children to acquire a new perception of life, to overcome blocks in the path of a healthy body, mind and spirit. It is time they experience lessons early in life” – Sujata.

The Reach for The Star Workshops

Sujata designs her courses keeping all the key aspects that will help in the overall benefit of the child in all critical domains. Some of the popular therapies include:

1. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that instants help children and adults to manage their emotions, mood swings, anger, lack of focus.

2. Reiki Sessions & workshops to help in healing physical pain and identify emotional blockages.

3. Meditation & Mindfulness programmes to live with complete awareness, reasserting the power of Now.

4. Sound Healing & – Learning to let go – Ho’oponopono! A Hawaiian prayer.

“Sometimes the need of the child is different; I am happy to customize classes and conduct sessions to help the child, parents and young children to re-bond and re-wire their thoughts and understanding. The parents undergo compulsory orientation before the course, and I prefer to work with children without the interference of their parents,” shares Sujata candidly.  

While we settle in the new norms of life, the children too are struggling to keep up with the current ways of life. Children must be supported judiciously and shown the right way to move forward with physical, mental and most crucial emotional quotient.

The Adversity Quotient is the new paradigm wherein adults and children both must have the inner strength to deal with adverse situations, since life is a potpourri of events and contraries.     

The above workshops by Sujata Malik are for age groups 10-13 years and 14-16 years. To enroll your child, reach out at 9811128979.

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