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Lifestyle Changes in Lockdown


Before Corona times, I used to wake up in the morning thinking ‘Are my friends down yet?’ The thought of going down to play football, basketball, cricket, or any other game used to get me excited to jump out of bed! After that, I would get ready, eat breakfast, and the doorbell would ring. My friends would be waiting at the doorstep for me to come and play. By afternoon I would come home, eat lunch, study, listen to music and evenings would again go either in a basketball or tennis class.

Changed Schedules

We have been in lockdown for over two months now and my schedule has changed quite a bit from what it used to be. This is how my non-school days look like now. I wake up, get ready eat breakfast and study till noon. I then take a break and experiment with some cooking that involves yeast –  a bacteria that fascinates me! I would eat lunch and get back to studying or just playing music and relaxing. 

Sometimes, my family and I also play a board game after lunch. By late afternoon my yeast would have finished its work on the doughnut, bread, or pizza dough I have made for the day. My family has loved the goodies I have baked during the lockdown. Evenings start with exercising at home from a few work-outs I found online. After a light snack, I go cycling with a few friends while maintaining social distance. It is then back home, helping mom with dinner, some TV and then sleep… knowing exactly what I would be doing the next day!

Although my summer vacations have started, I want to give you all a peek into my school days during lockdown. We have been having online classes following a similar school day’s time-table starting at 8:10 am and goes on till 2:30 or 3:00 pm. Although, online schooling has been very efficient study wise, I miss the social interaction and chatting with friends in between classes. After the classes it is the same routine of some personal studying or revising, grabbing a snack, cycling and back home for the TV & dinner drill.

Lockdown Benefits

There are still a few things that I do enjoy about lockdown. The first thing is that my family and I get to spend more time together. My dad travels a lot, which means that he is generally not home on the weekends and sometimes on week days. But now, he is always home. Often busy with his video calls but I can always spend time with him. The second thing is that I have started working out more and have become fitter and healthier. Also, working out gets me quite tired and when I’m tired I rest better! And the third thing is that I have the time to cook more. I love cooking different dishes because I really enjoy it and could only learn during the lockdown! My sponge cake is a big hit. It is also a great stress buster for any stress that I get, mainly from studying. I think that having a fixed schedule during this lockdown is important as it gives my days more purpose.

Life Pre-Covid19

I miss a lot of things from my typical daily life. I miss family outings like eating meals out, going for movies, or even travelling abroad for our summer vacation. I also miss going to parties with my friends or just meeting my friends. I miss playing sports and my swimming and basketball classes. Most of all I miss school. The fun of talking in between classes or going to play in P.E. periods to see at which sport girls are better than boys or vice-a-versa is a lot of fun! Trying out for school teams or representing the school for inter-school competitions excites me. I would like to remain positive that soon we will return to our normal path!

I believe that we have the choice on how to face lockdown. We can either live it or sit back and let it pass us by. I am trying to make the most of lockdown and I think everyone should do the same while keeping themselves protected!

About the Storyteller: Kavya Sinha, is a seventh grade student of The Shri Ram School- Aravali. She loves school, being outdoors, sports and has been in her school’s basketball and swimming teams as well as made it to nationals for swimming. she also organises Bake Sales regularly, with the help of colony friends and put the funds raised for helping the society staff.

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