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Naturopathy Treatment Is Paving the Way to a Healthier Future


Over the past century, modern medicine has played a significant role in reducing the mortality rate in human beings. Yet, excessive usage of medicines has led to a series of ill-effects on human bodies and modern medicine lacks emphasis on preventing non-communicable diseases. This is where naturopathy creates a difference with its natural ways of healing and disease prevention.

Holistic Wellness

Encouraging a holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of diseases, Jindal Naturecure Institute has emerged as one of the leading alternative treatment providers in the country with its range of top-class treatments and healthcare products. Established by Dr. Sitaram Jindal, Jindal Naturecure Institute has significantly contributed to the growth of alternative medicine and naturopathy in India with its expansionist and preventive model of holistic health care.  

With a vision to persuade people to improve general wellness through natural ways, the institute provides an alternative, drugless treatment regimen by combining the holistic systems of naturopathy, diet therapy, yoga, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. The protocol for treatment includes exercises, planned diet, and modifications to a lifestyle that aims to prevent the recurrence of diseases as well as promote a natural and healthy way of living. 

Alternative Healing for Non-Communicable diseases

Naturopathy’s focus on treating the root cause of the disease rather than just dealing with symptoms is one of the biggest factors behind its growing popularity. Rising incidence of NCDs (non-communicable diseases), drug resistance and other adverse drug side-effects are forcing people to search for alternate ways of healing. Jindal Naturecure Institute with its drugless approach is showing how a natural alternative therapy can promote the human body’s power to effectively treat lifestyle diseases like Abdominal Disorders, Arthritis, Depression, Obesity, Migraine, Sleep Apnea, Menstrual Disorders, Bronchial Asthma and others.

Non-communicable diseases are responsible for the death of more than 41 million people worldwide annually, according to WHO. With the number expected to rise further owing to lifestyle changes, rapid urbanization and various environmental and social factors, making naturopathy a part of mainstream healthcare seems the only way forward to deal with this critical situation. 

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